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so i decided it was time for a new box, change it up. seemed like a good idea.

so this is the type of box i wanted:


contracted out someone on another forum for $20 for the design.


the port


cut log


so my normal hookup with tools decided not to call be back ... ever. so i took out an add on craigslist, it panned out so im happy bout that. $170.




finished product:


grid patter double baffle, i thought it was neat


primed it, 2 cans of black $.97 each (home depot)


more of the same


i tried to use this stuff, suppose to give a rubber like texture. i applied it to the bottom but it didn't seem to work out, i dont know. taped it off cause i only wanted it on the bottom.


then i hit it with a can of rustolium (?) texture paint, its pretty sweet. may03lt did it, it was sweet on his, so i decided to do it. i think i did ok for the first time using a spray can.


fits like a glove :D


then i find this awesome-ness. i have no idea how it happened, but it did. i need to contact ssackett or treo or team psi figure out how much its gonna be :(


bottom has a bunch of scratches


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holy screws!!!...lol... usually when i do a double baffle i do that "grid pattern" with titebond II between the baffles... then i stand on it and go at nuts with the brad nailer...lol.... but to each his own.... thats a good lookin box bro!!!! let us know how it sounds!!!


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you guys done with the peepee touching contest or do I need to end it?

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box looks good. great workmanship.

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* Front Battery: Optima RedTop

* Back Battery: Kinetic Hc2400

* Wiring: Rockford 1/0

* Big 3: Rockford 1/0

* Enclosure: Idyllic

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Looks really good!

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Wow, such a flexy beast(see what i did there lol)

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so this is the type of box i wanted:


Sweet Box action man!!!! Came out looking real nice!!!!

Thanks for the pics....

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