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  1. holy shit you have a car congrats man glad you finally got shit moven for ya
  2. i got a 12in dual 2ohm atlas for sale pm me if your instrested http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/79654-time-to-get-rid-of-some-stuff/
  3. id like to know about that to cause the magnets like that on mine to
  4. that what it is then cause i thought that but wasnt sure
  5. ok so i found on the coil its an ssd its got sharpie on it that says its an ssd just its super hard to see but it says its a dual one but has fw after it whats fw
  6. ok so its probly an ssd then but dude said something about its got a better recone than what it came with do you have any idea of that that is or what it could be or na
  7. i thought it was an ssd or something like that but im not sure whats the mounting depth on it
  8. its a 12 forgot to mention it and the mounting depth is like 6.5in
  9. i need to get this sub reconed for a buddy of mine and he has know idea what it is or anything about it other than the recone thats on it now is not the one it came with its a the better one well that dont help me
  10. hit the button one to many time
  11. alrighting i snet you a message at your email but i need a basket to fit a 4in coil
  12. i tryed to pm you and i dont like the look of the normal 12 spoke basket and the aq frame isnt it almost hte same exact one thats on the dd subs
  13. as the title says im looking for just the baskets for either 10 or 12 i need two of them let me know what you have im looking for something besides the 12 spoke baskets Edit if anybody has baskets that look the same that is on the dd 9500g series 12 or 10 thats what im lookin for most
  14. ive done it before to mount amps on the back of boxes when space is limited it just makes the boxs stronger
  15. if its your first time keep it simple run one amp per sub or one amp for both subs at .5ohm that way its just easyer on you and you aint got to worrie about extra wires and all
  16. damn man that sucks bad man idk how the laws are there but i know where im at someone has to have real proof or someone got busted and said your a car like your but even then inless they have proof if you say no to a search they cant do anything but for real man that sucks
  17. go with lil john bitch its at 49hz thats probly the closest thing to your peak
  18. alright bout time you got it man now you just need to hook that bitch up man and build a box for it
  19. more pic man thats to much of a teaser but look great so far amazing products tho
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