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hey guys..

new to the site. well posting but not reading. anywways im starting my build today. after finding out about all these other companys besides kicker and rockford and jl and such and some coaxing by my freind (chewie on here) i decided to upgrade my audio system.

previously i had two l7s in a ported enclosure on a brutus bxi1610 it was good but i wanted something a little more. so upon my buddys reccomendation i looked at t3 audio first but then it being a little out of my budget range decided on two sundown audio z15s. i must say for the price they are preety nice. and will probably purchase some nighshades later on down the road.

as for my amp i ditched the 1600 watt bxi and found a good deal on a xxv collossus.

i will be running tsunami 1/0 guage power and ground wire along with a redtop optima up front and two kenetik 800 series batterys out back.

also to back up the batterys i will be adding a high output alternator.

the box i am building will be made out of 1 inch mdf with a double baffle front approx 8 cubes total tuned to approx 32 hz .



179a48590333__1267173250000.jpeg Sorry for crappy picture, taken with my cellphone

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its only 1 ohm stable if wired 1 ohm at each channel.

we will be wiring the subs for a final 2 ohm load bridged that should give us around 3200 watts rms

not sure if we should build one big box or two seperate boxes.. both tuned the same as the big box.

nope not stock electrical red top optima out front and two kinetik 800s out back. and 250 ho alt.

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Box building is taking MUCH longer than expected.

In 6 hours hardly got anything done due to this inclimate Michigan weather.

Have close to half of the wood all cut out, and just got back inside, its freezing cold.

I'll post up some pictures of the box tomarrow :)

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Mr. Chewie


My box in the makings :D


So yeah, I'm almost done with the box just need to slap on the portface. So I decided to see if it could fit in my trunk now..

Chewie and I measured my trunk and little did we notice, the corners are rounded -_-. So I'm outside in the freezing cold beating the living crap out of my trunk trying to fit my box in. I'll get some pictures of me mutilating my trunk

if anyone wants the box cuts here they are

41 wide

27 1/2 deep

18 high

bottom plate - 27.5 x 18

top plate - 27.5 x 18

left plate - 17.25 x 39.5

right plate - 16.5 x 39.5

back plate - 27.5 x 39.5

front plate - 24.25 x 39.5

port L1 - 14 x 39.5

We had a little extra wood, so why not make a battery box lol


Tropicana <3

Edit: Just beat the crap out of my trunk, trying to make room for my box corners



Having Chewie come over in a few minutes to help me carry the box to my car and see if it fits now lol


Box now fits in the trunk! Yay for three hours of handy work with a hammer.


//Broken link, Chewie has it down below

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