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  1. Certified mode (test stops @ 1% distortion) 225watts Non-Certified Mode (test stops @ Clipping) 245 watts Dynamic Burst RMS (test stops @ Clipping) 275 watts
  2. If this didn't have 20 hot ladies in it he should have it taken away. Sick ass truck though.
  3. Would 45 the corners set up that fast or is the box going to lean like a cholo for a bit. Great product.
  4. Been into car audio since the early 90's. It seemed to have feel off for a while even though I always had a system. Then I wanted to hurt people. Looked up who was still making 18's. Youtube gave me Meade putting a FI through his Honda back window. Been here ever since. Thanks for bringing car audio back and making sure it goes no where.
  5. Thats a good blooper for sure. Looks like you can weld with his speaker wires. I dont remember but does one of these cc-1 or dd-1 gain match amps also. I am ordering the combo pack in april.
  6. I love buying from sonic is there going to be a smd discount.
  7. Yes I do and I know Trippi Likes also.
  8. .5 Sealed- 154.2 Kick- 155.5 Headrest-153.8 .25 Sealed- 156.2 Kick- 157.9 Headrest- 155.3 Love the neo's either way.
  9. I look forward to xmas and my kids b-days anyone who has kids knows the joy of watching your kids get what they want and then some. And finishing my 1st build to actually compete on a big level.
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