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Ok heres the run down for all those that are interested! The car is a 98 acura integra 2door. This is my daily driver and over the past few years its had its share of entry level systems. Well its time to play with all you big dawgs now...

4 Hc2400 kinetiks
Shok 1/0 5250 strands 100ft of it
DC 180 amp alt
Soundstream 8" indash DVD player
3 DC lvl 5 18s
Stetsom 7k2d
Walled enclosure (Final specs TBD)

The build is being done by Got1lung Now that hes back in ohio. But i am definitely getting my hands dirty on this project. Ya gotta learn somethin right!?

On to the pictures !!


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Dude, I'd be careful with your alternator. It took a very long time to figure out how to run 8k off of just a 300A alt in my car. And now I'm sporting 12 batteries as a result. Once you start getting big, you need to pay attention to EVERYTHING regarding power. Every wire, buss, terminal, etc has to be checked. I lost 5 batteries and one 180A alternator learning how to power big the hard way. Hopefully I can help ya!

Can't wait to see the finished product. LVL5s are sick as hell.

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