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  1. im paying 75 for that speed, and its on wifi about 20 feet from the router in another room lol... I cant complain for that price, and I never will lol
  2. Nice. is it cable or fiber? its cable, from wide open west, aka wow in ohio.. lol
  3. new internet speed... 10$ cheaper than my old 50 mb connection from the same company... also this is on wifi about 20 feet away from the router lol
  4. If you like that check out this http://nemoarms.com/portfolio/omen_recon/ closest dealer is 300 miles in every direction damn near lol... yeah thats not happening for a firearm even if its a PS90 that I want so bad..
  5. Wow, USPS is so good they're going to move at 9827349087123872x times the speed of light and create a wormhole to go back in time and deliver your package, now that's service done right. expected delivery date.. I actually work at that facility and its horrible right now with how much mail we have. If I was allowed to take pics to show you guys, you would probably understand lol edit my GF kim that you guys have seen in all my videos is a christmas casual there, and shes been working from 4 pm to almost 8 am every day, 6 days a week with how bad it really is
  6. I am not normally happy when some one gets shot, but it made me smile. The kid lived, and I hope he can spread the message that the knockout game has deadly consequences to other dumb motherfuckers who are still playing this game.
  7. I got a 300a alt on my integra, little 1.8L 4 Cyl, with hardly any belt slip at all, and im adding a 2nd one......
  8. Hes probably not even at the computer, hes probably building your new alt to the case that it was supposed to be in. Gotta remember not everyone has a job that allows them to sit on the computer or phone 24/7 man especially a job that requires you building stuff lol
  9. you are complaining about not getting a response after waiting 1 day? dude he gets hundreds and thousands of calls a day im sure. Calm down and relax a bit.. He has the reputation he has for a reason, if 2-3 weeks go by and no response then I would be slightly upset.. but I doubt you will wait that long next time dont jump the gun.
  10. Thats scary real. I cant tell which is real and which is CGI. Technology and graphics sure have come a long way. our left side is real, right side is CGI.. lol
  11. your camera had a little lint or bug on it, i kept swatting at my screen thinking it was a gnat or something LOL they look nice.. he going to have any audio in it?
  12. Buddy is getting close to 7200 out of each of his 5ks, on 18v.. all 16 amps that is LOL
  13. havent been on the mobile in awhile, but is there any way you can give it a number of pages? instead of just *next* because when clicking on say my build log due to a notification, it will take me to the first page, then I have to load up the full website to go to the last page. if able, or even just a last page button. if its already been done, thanks
  14. I personally like all the tests cold steel runs their items through to make sure its up to their standard, and their standard is pretty high. Ive played with a few, dont own any yet because ive been collecting firearms/rebuild/pc build, possibly another new vehicle build.. but with the way they test their stuff, cold steel will be the company i go through, and see how well they hold up.
  15. I tried and tried to tell her, she would get MOAR votes if she allowed me to post atleast 1 pic in the 18+ section, if she won... she refused sadly..
  16. I guess the voting is open now, dunno why it wasnt the day i posted it, any help would be appreciated ! thanks again guys
  17. GF says the voting closes at 6, and reopens the next day, kinda lame, but I guess thats how it is LOL
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