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the only thing I didn't see is the differences in port types (Aero vs Slot) and what the advantages/disadvantages are between them. And also the advantages of internal vs external aero ports. Other then that there's ALOT of information here.

1998 Plymouth Voyager (daily)

Jensen VM9213 H.U. (I Know but I havent had any problems.... yet)

5.25" Factory -> Sound Stream SST5.2

6x9 Hifonics ZXi 693 -> Sound Stream SST6.9

Amp: Class D: Crescendo 3KWP (x2)

Class A/B: Crescendo 1000C4

Sub: Almani S-7 10" (x6)

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I'm new to this forum and I thought this would be a good place to ask for some advice. By the way, information is top-notch, massive props to neo-frog. Anyways. I have a few questions. I drive a gmc canyon, standard cab. I currently am running two kicker cvr 12's with a 1200 class a/b mono hifonics titan amp. Being in such limited space, I built a sealed box measuring 2.2 ft^3 to give each sub a little better than 1 cube. I've determined to build a bigger box, possibly a 3-4 ft^3 sealed box for two kicker cvx 12's. Ok, enough of my blabbering and on to my questions. Firstly, is 3-4 cubes a good box for two cvx 12's? Secondly, is the amp I'm using going to power the new cvx's sufficiently? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

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