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  1. Huh, I didnt know you could buy baskets, I've only heard about recones. And the person that had these before me felt like painting over the skar logo. Thanks I'll give skar an email and check the other two.
  2. I have a sub that I have had sitting around for awhile and when I finally got around to installing it I found that it was bent as if it were dropped. I feel like someone in my family knocked it off the table and just picked it up. I thought it was just bent so I installed it anyway and found that it leaked air like crazy. Anyway I took it out again and found out that its cracked, I figure I can get it reconed but the basket looks pretty bad, and I dont want to just toss it... it seems like a waste of a huge magnet and a coil. Here are some pictures
  3. Its because of the different lines of amplifiers. From what I've read the hifi line isnt as good as the brutus line of amplifiers.
  4. One of my absolute favorites is the Rival Tahoe. The one where the chick thought it "wasn't working", then Bam!
  5. mate i live in australia, dont no if you have bunnings over there and i only use 3/4" (but it's 18mm so it 0.708" they dont do 3/4" here) Its about $30 for a sheet of 3/4" mdf here in North Dakota (USA) also... Although prices have been on the incline.
  6. I wouldn't know about dementia and all that, but I have to live wirh my grandma. She's just getting old and realizing that she is losing money and whatnot. Plus she got in, what I guess I would say minor car accident and she has gotten more angry at the world. She always tries to argue about everything and she is always negative. And she likes to talk shit too, all the time, its like she feeds off of negative things. So I sorta know where you come from. You know I really didn't mind my grandma when I saw her once every few weeks or so.
  7. Thats one thing I regret, I had the chance to sit in a truck that was 155+. But if I get the chance again I'm takin' it!
  8. Snafu's stuff Is different his is OFC and the lengths are already specified I believe. So there might be a price difference and whatnot...
  9. This makes me want to deaden my truck!!! But what happened to having the scores put up?
  10. Well I'm only 16 but I had a manager that was straight up stupid (so many reasons) he also came late while I was the first person there most of the time, but I got tired of his ass, he asked if I was gonna lose my attitude by tommorrow I said probably not as long as he was working there. Done with that shit. I'm young theres plenty of opportunities to come.
  11. Whoohoo! Skar Sk-800.1D came Since I got the new amp I decided to clean it up a little bit Still a few loose wires and the bass knob still needs to be mounted, but it is much better than before. Been slacking off on the a pillar tweeter pods but hopefully those will be done soon. I'm starting to also not want the kickpanels because the tweeters are somewhat blocked and I cant use the parking brake, and I found out that I need to put the parking brake in place to compete. For a spot to put both speakers, I was thinking about fiberglassing the door panels. I also might have to rebuild the box so its under the window-line. But for now I gotta put car audio on hold somewhat because summers here.
  12. You live in North Dakota? There was two shows in the past month here.
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