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What makes MechMan alternators different ?

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Does every Mechman alternator have a ground post and positive post on the case?

2002 Chevrolet Camaro 35th Anniv. Edition

Head Unit- Kenwood KDC-X794

Front Stage- Digital Designs DDAW6.5 Mids & DDAT28 Tweets

Rear Stage- Kicker KS650 6.5" Coaxial

Sub Stage- Sundown Audio SA-15 D2

Mids & Highs Amp- Sundown Audio SAX-100.4D

Sub Amp- Audioque AQ-1200D

Equalizer- Arc Audio XEQ 5 band graphic EQ 1/2 DIN

Electrical- XS Power D3400, Big 3 Knukonceptz 1/0g, Stinger volt meter & Knu accessories

Misc.- Over 80 ft.2 Second Skin Damp Pro, Overkill & Lux Liner

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M - makers of

E - exceptionally

C - competitive

H - high-output

M - monster

A - alternators

N - nuff said!


I like that one! lol

02 Civic Si

Stock Alt

Kicker 0 gauge wire

Shuriken SK-BT80 Battery

JL Audio J2 320.4

Planet Audio BB 2400.1

Fi BTL 18 ufo motor

My 02 Si Build! http://www.stevemead...__fromsearch__1

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So can I just sign my tax refund check over ti you? Im waiting on my last w2 once I get my check im heading your way!

04 dodge dakota ext cab 4x4

excessive amperage 300 amp alt with MONSTER stud =)sundown z v3 15 in a 4th order on aq2200sundown 100.4 2 way active...2 Prv audio 6mb200 & 2 re XXX tweetersdeka intimidatorkenwood x396big 3 1/0 knu wire back to deka intimidator

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