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  1. I ran a pair of sa12s and then 15s i loved both sets I just wish I still had them =[ will probably be my next build
  2. Take one of the screws with you to Home Depot. They have a thread checker you can use to match em up
  3. I'm not giving the sub full power at one ohm. It's taking the power like a champ right now so I just want to see if I can still have some control over it in a ported box. Thanks for the replies guys!
  4. I'm well aware of that lol it's all I got at the moment. I did an install for a friend and she paid me with this sub so I couldn't complain. I want to do 4 in a wall come tax time but the x 8 looks so beast I might have to grab a pair of those
  5. That's the whole point I wana see what this thing will do. If it blows recones are cheap. My buddy said 2.5 so I think I will try 2.75 thanks man!
  6. Would this dust cap add the same strength a full carbon come would? I would have to assume it would add a little strength to it.
  7. Website says 3.0-4 at 35hz for rated 500w. Only amp I had was an aq2200 so I decided to run that currently the sub is in a 2.2 cubic foot sealed box I had laying around to hold me over. Ready to build a nice ported box now and was wondering how much space I give it running the aq at 1ohm with the gain backed off a bit. I was thinking 3.0 at 35 should be okay? Just looking for a confirmation on this. I have had it running at 1ohm with the gain back off for 4 months now coil still looks new this thing is taking a beating like a champ EDIT: title change
  8. Could be lots of things, test and tune my friend. Like cj said rcas close to wire possibly grounding in the wrong spot. Alt whine is a bitch to find
  9. Maybe your clipping, I have one e15 at one ohm in a sealed box on an aq2200 gain is a little backed off dd1 used its just taking the power
  10. I could see one of these going unde my drivers seat for my work vehicle. Keep it up Jacob!
  11. Probably been said already but waiting for packages FUCK THAT get here already!
  12. This would be perfect for an install in my company vehicle. One 6.5 under the drivers seat would be fun. The box has to be small any idea on reccomended size? I'm going to assume under a half cube
  13. I would give the cross over a try before you go active. See how it sounds if you don't like it you can switch to active later
  14. Download win rar it will allow you to download .rar which is basically a smaller compressed file likes zip kinda. Then you have to extract them from from winrar to your music folder then to iTunes.
  15. That's exactly how I run mine basically just less speakers. Sounds good man get wiring!
  16. I had my old sa15s in right 6 cubes, I fucked up the box leaving the volume short but it still played really low down to 28
  17. Check your headunit RCA output voltage. I have a sundown 100.4 as well with the same issue, but I know it's my pos hu causing it
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