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? about a db drag event

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There's a dbdrag event nearby this weekend. I was trying to figure out what class I would b in. I think it would be street a cause I got 2 10's, stock alt & 1 yellow top. It says on dbdrag site I can have 1 amp and 1000watts max. Does my mids & high amp count or do I need to take it out? Also, r power ratings done @ 4ohms? Cause mine is rated [email protected] but does [email protected] ohm. Last time I competed was 8 years ago & I remember 1 time they counted my tweeter amp & put me in a class with 2 amps which put me up against guys that had 2 amps per sub & I got blown away. I called shop that havin show today but nobody there could answer my ?'s. Also, what does vehicle modifications mean? I got spray foam inside some panels & dynomat, does that count?

99 GMC Suburban

2 Death Penalty 21"

2 Crescendo BC2000

Boston GT-42 Amp

6 Selenium 6w4p

4 Crescendo tweets

Hi output cs144 alt

Audiocontrol Epic-160

Pioneer DVD head unit

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1000 watt limit is street stock a and no mids and highs amp does not matter leave it in

Vehicle mods is cutting or adding

There is a limit to how much spray foam and mat that can be used

There is a compitiors corner on this fourm for comps and ?'s ask and look there

Have you ever had your woofers blown?

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