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  1. The Reviews are in SURPRISE BatmanvsSUPERMAN is not good what a shocker with Ben aflek

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    2. OrionStang


      Looks terrible,

      I agree with the review thing, though, I made my own conclusions.

    3. ALPINE408


      they got the fantastic 4 reviews

      right.. I will watch I am just not going to the movies to see it.. I will wait for hbo redbox or stream it... I am really looking forward to suicide squad

    4. Jake Miles Mckeehan

      Jake Miles Mckeehan

      watch32.com you can watch it on your phone or use apple tv or screenhare from a laptop. save you the time and money to renting or buying

  2. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/203920-i-can-only-wish-this-to-happen/ Beat ya to it no one seems to care tho
  3. http://www.theverge.com/2016/3/14/11222370/microsoft-xbox-cross-network-play-pc-ps4-gaming PLLLLEEEAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!!!!! this would be so cool just no pc 1st person shooters they would destroy consoles the first time I hope Xbox to do something and others to work with them
  4. belts come in many sizes you obviously have the current belt size ask for a belt the next size down untill you get the one that works
  5. back in the 90's JL Audio W6 with art series PPI amps if you had that in the mid 90's you were the shit period
  6. I've done it 4 times... There are 3 different heights for longer freefalls irc 30 second freefall 60 second freefall an 90 seconds... It's not as intense as you would think you don't have that falling sensation your kinda just out there it feels like your floatingthew ground does not rush up at you and the only way you really knowy our falling is cause of the 200+ mph wind going past your ears and up your nose .. But after the first jump talk about an adrenaline rush lasted for hours
  7. this sq thing is getting out of hand... my burban 10 channela my accord 9 channels my civic 9 xhannels all channels have 31 bands of eq each and xover and level adjustments ..... i may have a problem

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    2. Keith77
    3. matt14


      Still have the civic alpine? The one that had the 12 10s?

    4. ALPINE408


      Yes still got it .... New motor going to obd1 next month... Going back to a single 12... Just bought a few image dynamics amps for it

  8. I've been around a long time I have seen these conversations go down many times..... It usually like this Hey Steve can I get your help with the big 3 Steve.... I'm super busy with work the forum, shop, builds but there are plenty of highly skilled and experienced people here who can help you out... But Steve I want your help don't be a dick like everyone says you are.... You know what you are a dick Steve..... Fuck off and get out of here with that Then years later I asked Steve to help me and he told me to fuck off that guys is an asshole Seen that happen many times
  9. just gave my first sq demo with the new build ... the guy never heard an sq car before.... as i see the guys head moving around trying to figure out speaker locations asking me if i have speakers in the center of the dash and if there is a sub under the hood... its pretty awesome then when i tell him nope only a 3 way set you can see in the pillars and only 6x9s as subs his only reply WHAT THE FUCK...... pricless

    1. Kyblack76
    2. Karkov


      dude I need a listen too!

  10. if i can free air mayhems on about the same amount of watts at 20 hz to losen up the spiders for extended amounts of time i would hope the sundown NSV3 could handle his set up below tunning no problem... just speculating i dont mess with sundown
  11. This guys threads have been keeping me entertained all day he knows so much..... I have learnt so much
  12. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/196705-wtb-2400-3200-rms-amp-1-ohm/page-2 Dudes a genius and knows all don't waste your time helping him
  13. Buhahahahahahah this is freaking great!!!! I agree with the output being the same if I'm wrong I will be very suprized And would love to hear how I am wrong That means I get to learn something
  14. Miguel I know your trying to prove a point but that point has nothing to with the actual question
  15. No! You saw there math 2+2=4 but in reality world there is rise and motor b is wired in series so the anwser is obviously blue
  16. Lol my head hurts Miguels so far off on some other point that does even matter in the question it's crazy
  17. Ohm rise is not even in the question Is that how you all do math? 2+2=4 but in the real world 4. Has rise so 2+2=6 fail
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