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I ripped my system out so here's my new box

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A p3 10" in 2 cubes at 20hz? Good luck.

Fs is 28 hz, not too bad. :)

2004 Ford Mustang GTPioneer DEH-P7200HD head unitMach 460 Factory System

Cadence FXA1600.2

Cadence S2W10

Cadence 4 AWG wiring

Ported box, 2 cubes, 32 hertz

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great buils so far love the evolution ,the new box seems like a well thought out plan but the software doesnt take in account for port noise i would not use any smaller than 3" port.port noise can be real annoying and kill the sound alot.another trick is to cote the inside of the box with resin or laquer it will allow the air to move quicker threw the box and mabe get a better db score and hit a little harder. not trying to piss you off just trying to help out a little from what has happend to me in the past

sorry if i have made some mistakes spelling lol :drinks:

90 honda civic lx 4 door

sony cd head unit

mmats mp5 eq/crossover/line driver

35 farad hybred cap

ppi sedona 430ix on mids/highs

hifonics brutus brz1700.1d @2 ohm 1200w rms

front/jl audio evo 6.5 components

rear/kove audio 2 way 5.25

subs/pioneer premier tsw3002spl 12x2 1000wrms ea 3000w peak

and a hi amp alt 160a


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On 3/8/2011 at 2:54 AM, Dylank811 said:

I've had some opportunity to really listen to my system with different music/tuning and I'm highly impressed with the outcome of the amp mids/highs. They just about do the job without the subs! I also unburied a little something about this Denon amp. Turns out it's as nice as I suspected.

Guess i´ll have to post a new topic on that one - those 90´s Denon amps from Japan are great A/B Amps for audiophile home use!!!!!!!!!!


You can see my little Denon Amp farm...

Just a little taste for what i´ll write soon! 

Right: Blue gold Cap

Denon Amp´s:

The lowest is running my 2-way Seas Excel Rear´s. The other two are spare to cool the running one;)

Greetings from Germany!

Denon Amps one is running - 2 are there to cool.jpg

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