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  1. Offical company response to the NUMEROUS daily email I receive. Audio Savings is an authorized RE Audio internet dealer. Please visit www.audiosavings.com for pricing and information on RE Audio products. Do not purchase from any unauthorized sites or auction sites.
  2. The ratings that we give are for Optimal performance and a long life span. Anything over that we can not legally tell you.
  3. When looking at the rca jack is it different between the 2 600X's? Or are the end plates marked diffrently? It would be a difficult operation to switch that configuration around inside the amp. My suggestion would be for you to just switch the rca plugs as you have already done.
  4. Email me at my office [email protected] I have the specs and box designs on had for that woofer.
  5. Now you need to get more power!!! No more SA! I will go fishing in the warehouse for you.
  6. Ditch the AC compressor and you can fab a second alt in to that Honda. wish I had kept my mount from my REX.
  7. We have not changed the comps in a long time. I still compare them to the old OZ audio stuff for SQ, but they still get damn loud for a 75 rms comp set.
  8. Se series are 600 rms all day everyday. The SR is our 300 rms woofer.
  9. email me at the office for the box, [email protected] Also you are going to need 2000-2400 watts [email protected] 1 ohm. Or 2000~2400 rms @ 4 ohms. Also, you are going to need to upgrade the alternator on that mag.
  10. Yeah email me at the office with shipping info again.
  11. Looking good Steve, I have been thinking of doing something like this. I guess I will wait and see how it turns out.
  12. LMAO no unmaging an MT have to repair it charged. Also as long as the ceramics good then it will be an fairly easy fix. I just HATE doing the big motors.
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