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  1. This whole chart is a FARCE! Yes the math is correct and the ideal is correct but this ASSUMES a perfect constant resistance at a given frequency! So on a reactive load with drifting voltages and variable frequency this will not work. In other words a speaker is not a fixed load, your car does not supply a stable/ constant voltage and you don't listen to just test tones. Yes a DD-1 combined with a good scope-meter will insure that you are not clipping and in the correct wattage range for your application!
  2. Jroo, I have emailed you 2 more time to see if you have another shipping location, as Both FedEx and UPS keep telling me that it's an invalid shipping address.
  3. That was the First rendition of what became the 90.4 The orginal modle AQ-4 and power rating of 100.4 is correct. There were only 2 samples of that made and they were used in our demo car for several years. When I made this transaction It was for a b-stock 120.4 that inventory said we had a single unit left. This was incorrect so we contacted the customer to offer a very viable substution. The general public is correct we only mass produced the 90.4 and 120.4, however we do have several units around the shop that were 1 off or prototype units.
  4. With the price of Nitro these days I'll give ya 10.00 delivered! J/K TTT for a great guy!
  5. I would like to personally thank all of you for supporting the AQ sale! Like AMI said hit me up any time via either email or phone I am always willing to help as much as I can.
  6. I just saw a crazy sick special on the Sound Qubed site a pre-black Friday sale. 15% of EVERYTHING with free shipping!
  7. I know someone with a US Amps AX3200 that they might let go of for 500.00 shipped I will hit them up tonight.
  8. I'll keep the name Cause I still love me so OLD SCHOOL US Amps. But you couldn't give me a truck load of the new crap.
  9. Currently it has 2 HDC4 12's and a AQ3500.1 wanting to keep the 3500.1 and possible clam shell with 10 10's or more depending on air space.
  10. Ok, I am taking suggestion on Rebuilding the Sound Qubed aka Audio Que 2010 Scion xB2. What you Guys think I should Put in it? I was leaning towards 10 SDC10's tuned in the dirt!
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