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  1. I toying with the Idea of putting 4 of these in my F-150 they seem LOUD and Clear for the money I don't think they can be beat.
  2. Ditch the AC compressor and you can fab a second alt in to that Honda. wish I had kept my mount from my REX.
  3. Looking good Steve, I have been thinking of doing something like this. I guess I will wait and see how it turns out.
  4. Hopefully the building next door does not have any seismic sensors attached to the alarm system.
  5. Text me you Address you need some more shop-welcoming goodies. Banners stools and other shwag.
  6. You have a great start but like you said time for some shelves and storage. May even have to get the omega running to have you build my door pods and kicks. It just seems these days I never have time to work on my own stuff.
  7. Steve and RAyRay have both gotten pics from me on my cross country travels. 119 is as fast as I have dared to take a Nissan Titan with 24's
  8. Dont make me post the pics of the GPS I took doing 115-119 average on my last trip to nashville.......... pics of Navigation in the dark at 115 is hella hard too lmao
  9. I remember The last time we heard about Steve and Vegas lmao..... The Hoe will be at the palms and Steve will end up at some hole in old downtown lol.
  10. DAMN lucky there Steve..... Maybe I need to ask Steve to borrow a little luck for my next road trip.
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