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  1. As long as your rzr dosent try to flip it's self over I'd say go for it.. I mean don't want the family to fall over while your punching the gas u know
  2. Dude I love all these escalades.. Can't wait to get one in a few years when prices are in my area lol
  3. It took me 6 days to read all everyone's shit lol Fuck that.. Okay now I'm caught up
  4. I like 2pac but let's be honestIf 2pac was alive he would be doing movies Just like ice cube, ice t, dr dre. We'll they don't do movies but you get the point Look at snoop! 90's trend was to wear baggy clothes even early 2000 Now it's skinny jeans and tight shirts It's not a rap thing it's a society I still agree with you though 2pac>lil Wayne I though that too if pac was alive he would do movies. He was in a quite a few himself so I'm sure he'd be directing if not be the star of the movie.. Being a actor was a major passion for him.
  5. Looks cool and all until u keep losing races from your turboed car lol
  6. All I heard is bass lol sounds like it's gonna be a slapper tho
  7. No its the v1 or 1.5 that he's selling. I'm just not sure what the rating is on those woofers
  8. bitching box bro I like how do u figure out how much space that bracing takes up?
  9. Damn and here I was thinking I was bad ass with my 60 lol nice set up man I'll have to throw what o got its not much but it gets the job done
  10. That's weird see I only have the option for sound retriever when I have a CD on or a on ipod not on blue tooth
  11. So when setting your gains on your amps and have a pioneer stereo that has sound retriever would yiu set your gains with the DD 1 with it off or have the sound retriever on?
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