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  1. All I heard is bass lol sounds like it's gonna be a slapper tho
  2. No its the v1 or 1.5 that he's selling. I'm just not sure what the rating is on those woofers
  3. Damn and here I was thinking I was bad ass with my 60 lol nice set up man I'll have to throw what o got its not much but it gets the job done
  4. That's weird see I only have the option for sound retriever when I have a CD on or a on ipod not on blue tooth
  5. So when setting your gains on your amps and have a pioneer stereo that has sound retriever would yiu set your gains with the DD 1 with it off or have the sound retriever on?
  6. This is the same dude that wanted to recone these DC woofers with a sundown z4 recone..
  7. Yeah I'm tuned to 35ish or a little bit higher on mine I play any 30s or lower at full tilt and I start bottoming out quick so I just turn down my gain on my pac lc1 knob to maybe halfway to safety play it and it will. So it could be it.
  8. Ah didnt see they were the m2s. So I'm just betting playing songs lower that what he's at.
  9. Okay so then maybe your playing lower than what it's tuned. What songs do you play when you hear that bottoming out?
  10. You may be playing lower than what your tuned at. What songs are you playing when you hear that? Do you have a subsonic filter in your amp? 1250 rms to a 1000 watt sub is still giving it more than what it's rated and that box seems a little bit too small for two 12s
  11. Damn that's nice man. What do you have electrical wise to back up al that power?
  12. Got dqmn that's is sexys Steve I love your lexus.. Where did you get those hids from seems like some good stuff
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