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  1. Few years back, working as a forklift operator. Got in my jeep after work and attempted to use the turn signal to put it in reverse.
  2. Anyone who is interested in joining a private ARK server on Xbox One, add Gamer Tag: HappyPainter416 That gamertag is the name of the profile used to run the server, not my own. It will not respond, and is run by a friend. Simply add it to your friend list, and join the game which is always open, and ALMOST always online. The current map being run is "the center." Most, if not all aspects of the game have been accellerated such as leveling, taming, harvesting ect. If you have any questions, you will receive a quicker response by contacting my GT: Gladski X 462. I'll try to check here, b
  3. Similar amps like a Hifonics Brutus......... LMFAO. Go home, you're drunk.
  4. Ordered it, probably won't get around to playin it until Friday or so.
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