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  1. SO your coming out with a optical cable that connects to that JL audio TWK 88 then from there youll run the RCA signals to the amp correct? Beautiful build by the way. Be taking lots of notes on this one
  2. Dude post some pics..I used to have a escalade 08 and my buddie still owns his too a 06 and a 08..Great trucks,,,somtimes i wish i didnt trade it in
  3. Man the price of that unit is so cheap u could have bought two (jk) that does look beastly from what the specs are showing
  4. Hmm on a side note I can't wait for that psyph Morrison album. BUT this is legit man. I was just gonna drill holes in my new box because I didn't want the hassle of having to unscrew the nuts to take out the speaker termianls. But this is awesome man. How much force do you need to pull off the magnets.would say if u have something in the trunk can it pull it off?
  5. So the kit just dosent fit or just dosent work due to the screen being integrated too much with your 8 inch screen?
  6. Super nice truck the only complaint I have is the steering wheel controls looks like the controls from my parents old 1987 Ford thunderbird lol
  7. Nice crx man.. And banging video are all those songs bass boosted or original? I
  8. As long as your rzr dosent try to flip it's self over I'd say go for it.. I mean don't want the family to fall over while your punching the gas u know
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