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  1. Yeah man i know hector hes a buddy of mine i know hes bulding it up for his jeep..
  2. 4 more days Lets get ready i hope im able to compete and see what i get there..Come on lets make this one big so we can get More shows this summer time we gotta beat all these lowrider and car shows lol
  3. Dang oh well come out anyways and tell your buddies who have systmes mans
  4. I think so i think hes doing some dudes named aaron tahoe right now,.what chu runnin snowdrifter?
  5. Sweet it dont matter man lets make this into a big turn out man we never really have bass comps in Yakima so lets do it big my SMD people
  6. I dont really know of any members here that really live in washington so cant really tell you man
  7. Uhh a bunch of my buddys lol we got a few 2 15s and a few 4 18s lol
  8. Picture says it all man Bass compition from what i read we may have three term-labs setting up there also..
  9. Beanz

    WTB 6x9s

    Wanting to buy some 6x9s either some Rockfords or speakers of similar power/quality.
  10. Thats a negative man unless im a ruhtard and am not doing it right..
  11. I did download the lame thing but it still didnt do anything i just added the mp3 and now it works thanks guys,,
  12. i export it but it comes out as a file and it wont go into my ipod??
  13. Anybody know how to save the tracks you mix and save it as a mp3??
  14. Man tahts a sad thing to hear my friend. He is now resting and in a better place protecting his family and all his friends including you man Its sad he had to pass away like that and such a young age man hes just a year younger then me its crazy when people close your age pass away .
  15. Im off to buy me muh first beer
  16. No problem man jjsut hit me up any body else want a cheap but good amp??
  17. Uhh yeah im pretty sure CEA Rated but in real world your looking at 2400-2200 maybe 2000 depenind on alot of factors..
  18. I am selling my hifonics brutus 2607d for sale i am selling since i have a new amp selling it for 200 dollars + shipping, Still have the original boxes too Refs are Kandiman and Nightshade if asking for any,,
  19. whats the name of thatr sonng in the beginning of the second video?? and bad ass system man
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