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  1. For your broats.

  2. stevog


    Sold thread can be locked now.
  3. stevog


    $130 shipped just tonight need to buy something price going back up tommorow.
  4. I have about 36 sq ft of damplifier pro that i never used. It is two 20 sq ft trunk packs. 1 pack i opened and used 2 sheets the other pack is still new. There is about 36 sq ft left. SOLD
  5. Heres a GTO i found on craiglist in texas that caught my attention. Price looks really good for the mods it has.
  6. Here is my first flight with the typhoon g with the gopro. It flies really easily.
  7. Ill probably just call them once to see what they say and ask if i need to call everytime i use it. Maybe they will just tell me that its ok and to fly safely.
  8. After seeing n8s videos on the yuneec drone i looked into them more and bought a typhoon g but i may be returning it. The city i live in is so small that anywhere i go it is still within 5 miles of the airport. Anyone fly within the 5 miles and just call the control tower?
  9. the right thing to do would be to let him know what was really wrong with it and give him the option to get it back with cost of labor and parts. also how can you quote someone something you didn't even check? shitty move and reason why shops have a bad rep This seems like the correct thing to do. Maybe the guy will just tell you to keep after either way.
  10. What tailights are those? Ive never seen those before on a gto.
  11. stevog

    2004 GTO Build ideas

    If you can get as much of the port external of the box 2 12s would be the best way to go. I had 1 15 and output was alright now i have just 1 12 and on the meter it was like 130 db on music.
  12. stevog

    2004 GTO Build ideas

    By removing the rear subs in the back you can probably run some pvc ports but it will be tight.