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  1. I'm using the 80PRS, should I leave the crossing up to the deck settings or on the amp?
  2. How do I set this up for 4 Neopro 10's bridged at 4 ohms? I have 2 ST350's on their own amp and need help with crossing this 1 and recommended crossover points.
  3. I was kinda disappointed in my numbers when testing because it just seems WAAY louder than 2 15" omegas I had. I need more batts too. Unofficially I'm right at a [email protected] but no proof so I lie:( When on the meter that day, had no interest in playing near 40hz as thats not my daily preference lol I'm a slowed guy sorry:D
  4. With the TINY bit of testing I've done, I peak at 30hz. But my box is a bit high...23"/5" above window line. 2 15's can get under window but 28's I would link COULD go at 20" which is a big difference. I might just make a different box for these if someone would be willing to help me with a design? I have the overall specs and what I want to do...just need a visual you know?
  5. Thinking about doing 2 18's if even possible in my TB. Anyone got and pics or vids of some setups of decent power levels? Gonna have an SAZ4500D so 3k and up preferred. Links to builds or previous threads (if so, I apologize) are welcome. I would PREFER 2 15's or 2 18's setups but if you have a single 18, throw it up but MUST have some power to it and NOT an SPL-only setup.
  6. The 6 doesn't meter as well as the 5 I take it?
  7. I think 800-1k "walk away while it plays full tilt" daily.
  8. I have a 270SP DC alt and had a single d3100 as the ONLY batt in the car with this amp at .5 nominal....worked beautifully.
  9. $600+shipping. Has a scratch on the heatsink from my friends mom TRYING to be helpful but other than that its fine. 4 months old max. I have had them for 2weeks because I was trying to help my friend out, now I need money lol
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