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  1. Question for you. What do you think an AGM's mid 11v discharge rate is?
  2. For the Limitless vs AGM case, then sure. It may be a good rule of thumb in that situation. But keep in mind that not all Lithium is created equally. For example, we have JY with a 10C 12v discharge rating but we also have Winston with a high 11s 3C discharge rating. So to make a statement of 10A of lithium being comparable to 100A of AGM simply is not true in many (well, most) cases. As far as cold temps... heres my input with my real world experiences. I live in Florida, which obviously is pretty warm. In the morning during the summer, 80deg is far from uncommon. After about 30 seconds of playing a bassheavy track, the internals of the battery heat up. While the ambient temp is already up there, I see almost a 1v difference in voltage drop once warm. JY batteries have a minimum temp rating of 40 degrees however. While they may not perform the best from the go, they will warm up. Whether or not you want to deal with that is up to you, but lets not forget that AGM technology isnt a fan of the cold either.
  3. Brandon, Ive done some playing around. My American Bass 4ch is bridged on my mids. When I hook up my DMM to just my front left channel, I get voltage a. When I hook up my DMM to just my front right channel, I get voltage b. When I hook up my DMM to where the speakers acutally are, I get voltage c. Voltage a = voltage b Voltage c is double voltage a, or double voltage b. (However you want to look at it). Clamping speaker outputs still requires looking at acv, so I feel that you need to double the power you clamped with the AMM. I know, bridging =/= strapping Because of this, you could clamp your DC power run from either 6k to confirm. If youre drawing ~300 amperes per amplifier, then you are actually clamping around 5800 watts total. Whereas, if you are clamping ~600 amperes per amplifier, then you are getting 5800wrms/amplifier. Sorry for rambling lol... but that should be expected <3
  4. Everyone I know ditched XS for well, anything. lmfao. Except one person.
  5. Ari has 6 15s with 2 2800s per sub. Cool guy. Oh, and that vid is from when he was wired UP haha. He switched to D1s recently.
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