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  1. What's the box specs!!!! Very interested in 4 ev3 instead of my X-18
  2. Couldn't you have refined the x-15 with the "spl" cone and hit the higher freqs??
  3. This is sundownz reply to someone else on a different site (don't wanna say the name but most of you I'm sure will know) The difference between V1 and V2 Yes the specs are quite different. The motor has changed substantially making it a full v.2 model -- I'll have a full list of T/S up in the near future. Stronger motor and overall stiffer suspension (we dropped a spider layer but the Mega-Roll v.2 is just that much stiffer) make the T/S quite a bit different.
  4. Motor size is larger... Believe it's close to the size of the zv3. Not too sure about the soft parts
  5. With 2 Xs you will need a SCV-3000... My opinion then you would need a HO alt and atleast 2 AGM in the back. I'd say stick with the SA as you wouldn't really need the HO alt..
  6. You could probably find a zv4 15" used within your budget..... SCV-2000 all day long and not worry about shit unless you clip it
  7. Talked to a rep when they first came out and he told me enclosure specs were the same as zv3
  8. Your gonna need around 4.25cuft after port, displacements and bracing. I don't see you fitting a 15" zv4 in 5.3 unless that's net and not gross. If that's the case get a 12"
  9. Plans of a wall???? If so I'd say fit as much cone as possible
  10. Not disappointed none what so ever. Just trying to fit the most I can in that amount of space
  11. If only I didn't have to keep my backseat I'd already have a shell build for a wall lol. But this is my daily as of right now and have 3 kids.
  12. I talked to sundown and they said there "opinion" is 2 zv4 over the sound of 1 team. So I'm shooting for 2 zv4 12.. Don't have the proper airspace for anything bigger unless I c-pillar wall my cube... Would love to do 2 15s but at 4.25 cuft a piece id have to wall it. Right now my max is 40W x 31H x 18D
  13. This is going in a Nissan Cube. Weight is gonna play a factor with batteries going with 2 team 12s. I figure with 5k I'm gonna need 3 3100s so I'd basically be doubling my weight going that route
  14. I should add this setup is on music. I don't really listen to decaf or dub. Rap and rock never had a set-up do 150 and read that either of these would be capable... Leaning more towards the 2 12s with an 8" aero between them (subs up/port up) but didn't know if the TEAM would be a better choice with it being there top line.. I guess my question is does the quality of these 2 setups matter over quantity????
  15. Not wanting to do a wall now in my nissan cube so looking at other options... Wanted to know which would be a better set up on 5k... 2 12" ZV4 or 1 TEAM 15"... Price is basically the same subs wise... the 12s would be more cone area and motor force but the TEAM sub is a beast
  16. I'd say somewhere around 700-750 rms tops... Most people are running 2 sa8s to a saz1500 (750rms ea.). Just get a 1500 and wire to 2 ohms until you get another sa8 lol
  17. Will having the new spl cones drop the airspace needed per sub or would that stay the same??
  18. I ask cause I'm beginning a new build after the new year and taking the time now to plan everything out. Plans are 12 15s in a tunnel or do 8 18s in a tunnel. Thanks for the reply
  19. Browsing the inter web when I seen that sundown now has sa-18s... Is the enclosure specs going to be smaller boxed like the zv3s???
  20. Might have to rethink getting 2 18 zv3s and get 2 ns3 with the zv3 cone
  21. That's just amazing!!!!!! Now having the zv3 cone on it does that mean it can be installed in a smaller enclosure like the zv3 or still need the extra cuft like the X and ZV4???
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