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  1. Hey guys, I just got a new to me 2008 Tundra Crewmax and was wondering if anyone had any experience putting a ported box behind the back seat. If so, would you mind sharing any info you may have? Not looking for anything ridiculous, but this truck is severely lacking a sub stage. It currently has the factory JBL door speakers and no sub that I can find, but I have ordered a replacement head unit and component sets for the doors.
  2. Thank you Joe, I understand sealed would be optimal. I should have stated that I wanted the flattest response from a ported enclosure. A friend suggested 1cf with 17 in square port area at 35hz. That sounds great, but I cant find Torres btc to calculate the port length.
  3. Good afternoon everyone. I have 2 SA10 V1 D4, both of my daughters want some bass so I thought I would build them both a box for their cars. I am looking for the flattest response I can get and both of them will be will be running a Skar RP-1500 at 2ohms. Could anyone lend a hand with a quick design? If it matters 1 will be going in a 2010 BMW 328i sedan and the other will be in a 2010 Civic coupe. Thank you in advance!
  4. ^^^ That's the way it should be told! It seems like there are endless posts on here lately about how crappy a product is even when the company tries their best to fix the issue. I'm glad you are happy with Sundown and are posting a positive instead of jumping on the forums and flaming them.
  5. Can all the winners link there build logs here so I don't have to dig for them? lol
  6. 1. timc31610 2. I qualify to the terms and agree to follow through with them as they are written above. 3. 2005 Chevy Equinox Sony XAV-601BT Currently Two SA10's on a PA2400DB Crescendo components in front and rear doors 4. I attend at least 2 local comps per month, I will advertise with stickers and demos! I will post a build log here and on CACO. There will also be numerous photos and videos shared on FB.
  7. I agree Rolex, quick ship, great price would definitely buy from again.
  8. I think everything pisses me off to one extent or another, and it only worsens as I get older and that pisses me off too!
  9. I believe it is a never-ending quest! My F-150 had 0 rattles when I first installed my 12. Nothing with the system has changed other than the sub loosening up and now it rattles and flexes when the wind blows!
  10. I agree, great guy to deal with and super quick shipping!
  11. I have been chasing rattles in my GF's Equinox for months! I have used everything from spray foam to t-shirts...lol. Stop one rattle and another pops up.
  12. I can see a total N()()B not getting it, if it is someone making multiple accounts then that's funny as hell! Imagine all the wasted time...lol. I say 9 pages max.
  13. I bought two TM dual 1/0 inputs, received shipping info and my inputs very quickly. They were packaged very well and for a great price, would definitely buy from again!
  14. Those are brand new woofers? And they aren't the "B" stock ones? EDIT: I want brand new, not B stock if anyones confused. EMF sells both new and B-Stock.
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