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  1. If it was any other brand amp with the same guts no one would expect a powerhouse like this. Damn you get your money's worth plus more
  2. the climate controls won't work for some reason. I wish i had a better answer. Physically i don't see why it wouldn't fit in the hole but HVAC is kinda important too Gas saving comes at a cost . That alpine sure does look bad ass
  3. haven't heard burn a disc in a while lol if I had a computer I would I usually do everything on my phone
  4. email me @ [email protected] i will ship you one for free As stated in the post above, you can also download the tracks too. But i know you want an "official" one so hit me up ill get it right out. is it weird that the cd that came with my dd-1 only and only the 40hz track it does not play?
  5. Exactly HOW Mennonite are you? The only reason I know of Goshen is purely for the Menno school there. lol 0% how can you not know about goshen or elkhart the rv capital of the world. I too used to think this place was nothing but corn fields lol
  6. Rainbow six Vegas 2 was the last tom Clancy game I played. This has potential to get me back on them
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