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  1. What do you need out of the manuals? I forget what site I had gotten a PDF file for my 92001s I'll search. I believe it was a European site
  2. . Yea I'm sure I won't had vizio since they were dirt cheap at Walmart not that I can't buy like a Sony or Samsung its just that they have everything I need at a lower price and they hold up I still have my original vizio 3D TV that I got for 800 when at the time the closest cheapest 3D was a Samsung at around 1300 so it was a no brainer. And I didn't even know Netflix offered 4k lol
  3. Just the other day I was looking into the 4ks and found that vizio makes a price friendly 4k and being that there is not much 4k content anyway I'm almost sure I'm going to pick one up maybe after black Friday to see if any deals come before then. Vizio user since they made their 3D tvs so I'm confident on their reliability.
  4. If it was any other brand amp with the same guts no one would expect a powerhouse like this. Damn you get your money's worth plus more
  5. My states law states thatbars the recording or interception of any telephonic or electronic communication by means of any mechanical or electronic device without the consent of at least one party to the conversation. Pretty much if its not sexual or anything harrasing the other person also know as vouyerism
  6. Didn't think there would be a problem since I'm not harrasing him and I'm a party of the conversation if anything I'll take it down no prob. And apparently his suv was not street legal yet he had no pics of videos of his system
  7. https://youtu.be/-NE5ydIz6jk
  8. the climate controls won't work for some reason. I wish i had a better answer. Physically i don't see why it wouldn't fit in the hole but HVAC is kinda important too Gas saving comes at a cost . That alpine sure does look bad ass
  9. yea closest to me is hour away but i still got a couple picking up tomorrow
  10. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/dynamat-xtreme-12-x-36-door-dampening-sheets-4-pack-aluminum-black/4140414.p?id=1169252410570&skuId=4140414&ref=199&loc=je6NUbpObpQ&acampID=1&siteID=je6NUbpObpQ-p7kM9dbxBQnN89eAxrD4_Q
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