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  1. Bought my Zv4 12 rev.1 from SSA 9 months ago. Great C/S and am going to order anything in the future from them. I originally ordered an X12 but after they shipped it out I called them and told them I changed my mind and decided to go with a Zv4 model. They said no problem and had my X12 re-routed back to them and just invoiced me the difference between the X and Zv4 at no additional cost. 10/10 Service and are incredibly easy to get in contact with. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/categories/sub-woofers/sundown-audio/x-series.html
  2. What advantages does the capped voltage (SCV line) bring in over the SAZ line? Just curious as I didn't know there were any significant advantages.
  3. I hope I never have to recone my Zv4 12 but if I do whenever I am curious if the new Zv4 REV.2 soft parts are interchangeable with the REV1 motor. Like could I use the rev.2 soft parts to recone my sub. Hmm...
  4. When I was setting the gain on my SAZ-2000D with the DD1 whenever I turned the gain just to the point that the DD1 clipping light illuminated the amp would make a buzzing noise and as soon as I backed off the gain both the light & the buzz went away. The sundown amps have some sort of clipping detection built in with it and it's pretty much on point. This was my SAZ amp, not sure about the newer SVCs as I've never owned one.
  5. Thanks, I really want to go bigger, if I have to I will go with the 2000d I just really wanted to push this thing to its max potential. I've got my Zv4 12 on an SAZ-2000D. Thing get's incredibly loud. Unless you're going for SPL and numbers you probably won't see a huge difference between 2k and 3k besides the extra strain and cost on your electrical.
  6. I have one of the "old" Zv4s (12 inch) I bought last fall and now I see they've got the rev.2 out. I've looked on Sundowns website and various other veders and can't find the answers. I know the surround is different but are there any other changes? I noticed they increased in price the Zv4 12 was $529.99 and now it's $599.99.
  7. If your stock alt is over 100 amps and you do the big three you would probably be fine. If you're dropping a little low upgrade your stock battery to the biggest XS battery possible. If your stock alternator is tiny it might just be better to get a 150a-175a alternator from Mechman or Singer.
  8. Sundown SVC-1500D. http://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/products/sundown-audio-scv-1500d-1500w-mono-block-amplifier.html?page_context=category&faceted_search=0
  9. The hilarious part about this is that its true lmfao.. I'm apart of that group and earlier today I saw someone say that 2 sa 12s could take 3500 - 4000 watts "all day". Yeah okay pal...
  10. I've got my SAZ-2000D running my Zv4 12 in a 2.75 cubic foot box (net) @ 31hz. Sounds awesome and pounds between 25hz - 40hz but will still play up to 50hz it just not very loud compared to say 30hz.
  11. I like Sundown especially their subwoofers. My saz-2000d is great too. I do love my Alpine PDX-F4 though. Well worth the price I paid.
  12. Are you worried about the zv4 not moving on a lower power then what most people run? My zv4 12 is in a 2.75 cubic foot box tuned to 32hz on my saz 2000d and the thing moves like mad. I'd say even if you run 1500-2000 it'll get plenty loud enough.
  13. I have my zv4 12 on 2k. Does fine and gets loud. I originally wanted the X but went with the Zv4 12.
  14. Once my brakes are fixed I'm doing a 300km round trip down to WA to grab my alt. We'll see how it performs then.
  15. Took some ratchet straps off the bottom of my box. They were sitting on top of the platform I made (they weren't tightened/securing the box, as they're for my snowmobile). I doubt that was the issue, it wasn't a metal on wood rattling noise. Tightened the sub right up and as far as I can tell the noise is gone but I haven't played it long enough to know for sure and I can't go driving around because my truck needs new rear brake shoes and I don't need to ruin anything. Thanks guys you are all very helpful hopefully the noise will be completely gone once I get to drive a little longer. Can't play it in my driveway as it rattles everything in my house pretty bad.
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