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  1. Really curious as to how how you are going to get the bottom to match to the back because that's my 1 issue I'm indecisive about.
  2. I have a 2012 I'm doing the same thing in curious as to what your total calculated cubic feet was because I am building my wall almost the exact same way with the carriage bolted back except I'm going to counter sink them so i can bolt right to it.
  3. Singer alt came in over the weekend and it is installed! Had to go with a .5in shorter belt but I am overly pleased! Also threw some 60 mil deadener under my drivers seat for shits and gigs. doors are still in process! Have one door almost done with bondo and another just starting bondo.
  4. UPDATE: Singer is paid for and in process! I am upgrading to a pioneer P5200-BT 7in flip out w/ 4volt preouts. Doors have been in the works and here is a new picture of those.
  5. ok ok ok I have everything as far as trunk and rear deck done. I was just trying to figure out how I was going to do the headliner. Thanks! Keep up the solid work man!
  6. how hard was it to pull the headliner? thats my next move on my impala.
  7. i currently am running it @ .5 and it hates it. it will work but if you get on it right away it will cut out into protect. i just slowly warm it up then destroy it. but it will turn on past 1/2 on my lc-1 with gain at about 2/3.
  8. alright i have my batteries in the trunk lvl 4s in and playing @ .5 ohm need to clean it up a bit. posting pics up later tonight
  9. yeah that happened already hahah!!! but ive talked with the guy and we have came to the conclusion that we are going to open them up .01 at a time until they get a good fit. (he has a test board with terminals that are pushed in and wont come out that we will use to ream etc)
  10. wiring up the voltmeter!! Homeade rcas from a guy up here! MONEY SHOT! Decided to paint my dash peices and bam SMD vm1 installed too! That is it for now I am working on getting the doors done soon and ill have pics up as I get them from my guy. To be clear all he is doing is glassing them! I love to do bondo work and finish them how I like!
  11. well i am back guys. after a long awaited winter i got my funds together and paid most of my bills and the build is starting to come together. as of now this is a slowwwwww build so bear with me. I have gotten the misc maintnence done. Heres the list. 4 wheel rotors and pads. all OEM seeing i work at a dealer. reg DEXOS oil changes every 3k for $9.47 after tax with filter. (the joys) front timing cover re-sealed. new tail lights as my olds were cracked. These were a present from the lady for our 3 year and i was pretty stoked!. LED trun signals with inline resistors for hyperblink deletion. New xs D3400 up front with shca 8 lug terminals and all Pink OFC wire. ( Some may have saw on SHCA facebook page of the pink lemonade or strawberry bannana wiring on an impala. well thats mine lol) New Xs XP3000 in the rear. This is one of the 2 i will have back there. Swapped my backseat out of my buddies Monte carlo SS so i know have folding rear seats. Added 4 chassis ground in the rear for the rear battery bank. Shaved all the un-necessary wiring off the rear deck to the sides as i will be just bolting a beauty panel back there. Now. As i have met and became closer to one of the bigger vehicle builders up here he has helped me hone in my build and is helping me with my doors. My doors will consist of 2- 6.5 and 2 supertweeters with another supertweeter in a pod in the corner of the door. I have made my final decision on what my build as far as subwoofer wise will be. I am going to try my hand at a 3" custom neo 18 in a forward firing box into the cabin on 7k. (Yes i know this is alot of power for one 18 but it will take it. Pure audio is whom i have chosen to go with as far as amps mids and highs go. The entire trunk is now deadened with SHCS 120 mil. I have painted my dash inserts to get rid of the plastic grain and now looks alot better in my opinion. Now for some pictures if i could figure out how to transfer from facebook to here. HELP?
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