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  1. ISO used AMM-1. Hit me up if you got one for sale. Thanks

  2. Why does it seem so difficult to make time for the big build this year... SLACKIN. Gah

  3. Cars been sitting for 3 months. No funds to rebuild really sucks!!! With the holidays coming might be spring. =/

    1. strangeduck


      i know the feels, honda has been sitting for 5 months, will probably sit till spring as well

  4. Nice cut right under the finger nail. thanks sounddeadener.

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    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      One of the suckiest places to get cut. Did that the other day.

  5. My rebuild use to be on pg 10 of my build log now it starts on pg 16. Did something change? Or is it me. Lol

    1. OrionStang


      Where is that setting? Im only showing 12 posts per page.



      I didn't change anything. I had my build log link start on page 10. So i hit my link and seen it took me way back into my first build. Will look into settings.

  6. Sad when people with less then half the power, money, and time into a build can hit higher numbers then me. Time to start over and try again. Must be doing something wrong .. Lol

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      Yeah by the ear people say I am loud and guess normally 150s but im Running 2 crossfire 18s walled and only hit a 147.2. Yeah Something aint right. Other guys in my class are hitting low to mid 50s...



      Im pulled the wall and am rebuilding with better amps and more deadener. Thinking maybe a VFL400.1 or 2 vfl 175.1 or 200s idk. I need more power and a good build for these subs. Guess are hitting higher numbers with 2 crossfire 12s. lol

    4. pioneerforlife


      yeah you may have to change something up. the avenger I walled with the 2 sp4 18's does mid 50's but he is on 12k so idk. that's a lot of power.

  7. So i went to set a buddies gains after helping him install and noticed my DD-1 disc had a fat smudge on it that wont come off. Shit happens right even to a person who takes extremely good care of there equipment and tools. So anyways i can use my IASCA IDBL disc for 40 hz for now but i would really like to see about getting a replacement disc for my DD-1 to keep it all original. Searched the forum and didnt run across anything about replacement discs. Anyone got any info or a email or way of contacting D'Amore engineering?
  8. Hate making trades. You keep thinking to yourself if you made a good choice or not. ( no going back) Hah!

  9. Its so hard to part with a vehicle you have spent so much time on. =/

  10. The mosquitoes are everywhere..

    1. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      Really bad up here in northern Wisconsin



      I'm a hour south of Rockford Illinois and its crazy. Covered in bites and it doesn't matter how much you try to avoid them.

  11. Quick shout out to Ken (OrionStang) Got my CC-1 today. Thanks for the purchase and fast shipping!

    1. ToNasty
    2. _paralyzed_


      Aren't him and Kyle on vacation?

  12. Car audio is a great addiction considering how much crap out there that consumes peoples lives.

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    2. Kyblack76



      I SEEN HIM..

    3. Kyblack76


      and im as guilty...



      I don't think you have to suck someone off to consider it a addiction. Its a very addicting hobby, so I would consider it a addiction still.... lol

  13. My wall hurts bad mid high 30s but i want it to hurt much lower. Am i being picky?

  14. Maybe i missed something... Does the CC-1 match subsonic filters or how does one do so when gain matching 2 amps? I am pretty sure you would want both filters set at the same level.
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