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  1. Looking for a used SMD AMM-1. If anyone is interested in selling one shoot me a message. Thanks?
  2. ISO used AMM-1. Hit me up if you got one for sale. Thanks

  3. I guess I am trying to find that sweet spot or i am really over thinking this lol. Smaller enclosures I have noticed have more of a tight bass response which is what I like yet I would like to have some good lows. If the enclosure and port is to large i know the power handling suffers and there's not enough damping force or resistance to allow proper control of the woofers cone . I don't want to drive the sub past excursion limits or bottom it out yet if the enclosure or port is to small on that much power I will get port noise. I decided to jump up to 2 cubes net with about 30 sq. in. of port area tuned to around 35. I used a port calc for 2 cubes tuned to 35 with a 12" driver with 15mm xmax is says 6" aero or 28 sr. in. port area min.. It seems I cant do a enclosure that small and be able to have enough port area for low tuning. I guess we will see how it does. The previous owner of this sub had 2 of them in 3.3 net tuned to 35 with 8" aero and did a 150.5 but i highly doubt he played much for lows. lol
  4. So i picked up this sub today (Atmomic ELE 12.2) and was looking at the manufacturer enclosure specs, what do you think? It says the port and driver displacement is already taken into effect so are they referring to gross cubic ft? I couldn't find the displacement for the sub but i am guessing close to .15 and i calculated the port displacement if i went with the first enclosure spec being 2.5ft3 i calculated it would be roughly 2.25 net which seems like to way to much to me.. Please explain the power ratings if anyone can understand that as well. I am thinking closer to 1.6 cubes net with a 4" aero tuned to about 33-34hz? I am throwing the single sub on a Skar RP2000.1D.. Been awhile since i been active any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  5. I think he is questioning the product. Maybe regretting not going another route. Before I got my singer I tried going to are local alternator guy and got one done. Lasted only about a year but that's what you get for 200 bucks. Anything goes wrong with my singer he will fix me up. That's what your paying for.
  6. I got them each on a c5 1700 @ 0.5 ohm gain matched which I clamed 1,789 W just over 1 ohm. I think I am going to try and eat another 1/2 cube and shrink my port slightly.
  7. Its easier to eat up air space then gain air space. I started big this year. Last year I went for 10 cubes and ended up with less then 9.
  8. My 2 crossfire c7 18s suggest 5 cubes net ea. I'm slowly eating airspace still but I'm at 11 cubes net maybe around 34hz. so question is.... Should I be concerned being 1 cube over for 10 cube recommended? Where do you draw the line?
  9. Thank you. considering last years wall i had adjusted my port over 5 times i would say Maybe this is the way to go. i would rather go with less Aeros then more so i would try 2 to start with and go from there. I do not think air space is a issue.
  10. So i have never personally ran Aero ports before. Most of the guys i know who run them are trunk class. Before i decide to port it just looking for any input on running these in a wall. All the walls i have heard personally are ported so i have no idea. Thanks.. Running 2 crossfire c7 18s on 2 c5 1700s flat wall. Currently got a good 10 cubes net after displacement and bracing.
  11. I guess i Cant put music aside being which track I use is based on my application to which type of music I listen to and what levels it recorded at.idk what decaf records his music at but I researched for decaf not to use anything above or below I should say the -5db test tone. Being -15db track would make my gain higher then where it should be for decaf causing distortion or clipping. I guess I'm answering all my questions or trying to 1 day at a time. Thanks for all the help guys.... lol
  12. 0.15-6V is what I got on the Amps input level (gain) So 6V is the amplifiers max input voltage? So if i set my line driver to 5V out I am in the clear and should be able to set my amps gain with my DD-1 to match which leads me to another question. Typically I have used track 3 -5db 40 hz track setting gains but for a louder system it suggest track 7 -15db 40hz. from what I understand the DD-1 matches the amps input voltage to the sources output voltage without clipping or distorting, yes or no? So using track 7 is going to get me closest to where I need to be? All music aside.
  13. Stupid question to add. Amplifiers would have a Maximum input voltage as well i would assume? I never see anything on spec sheets.
  14. I would like to add.. It suggests mounting it near the source being the HU... I would of thought being it helps eliminate distortion and puts out a cleaner signal i would want to mount it as close to the amps as possible? Do i want a good clean signal 10+ feet away from amps or right next to them or am i thinking wrong?
  15. So i recently purchased the Rockford fosgate RF-BLD line driver. First things first expanding my knowledge i did some research about the difference between balanced and unbalanced systems being this line driver had this option. In my application i would clearly be doing a unbalanced system being my RCAs just have 1 signal wire and ground wire running around it. So unbalanced it is being i would need a 3 wire (2 signal and 1 ground) to run balanced. So i believe i understand that part of it but any more input or info would be appreciated... So what part i am questioning is setting the gains to match the amps input voltage and what the voltage indicators are telling me. It shows 2.5V 3.5V 5.0V Clip. I set my HU with DD-1 and slowly turn up gain on the line driver until 5.0V illuminates ( for unbalanced system) This is telling me i will be putting out 5V signal to each channel being 10V input total (not clipping) Or is this not correct? Also being i will be running 2 amps either strapped or gain matched would this cut the amps signals input voltage in half? Just trying to get a clear understanding any info or input is appreciated thanks.
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