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  1. loved the acura build, had one myself with a pair of JL W7 12", my first "big build" i miss that car lol if you need any help with the new underseat box for the 8"s hit me up, im in dallas as well and do a ton of those enclosures https://www.facebook.com/JeffsCustomCarAudio/
  2. Thanks Sonic. Much appreciated No kidding.. it's the only multiple 21" bandpass I know of in the existence. I'd be lying if I said I haven't been losing sleep over it flopping since I started the build a few months back.
  3. yup and their lithiums i would say are the only ones that rival JY's currently.. and Im stoked for it too, people were asking me why didnt i move the 21s back further or to the sides more, like bruh... look at the pics, they kinda cant go anywhere else... bitches took up aloooot of surface area lol. should be playing in the next few days..?
  4. Edited my post, not sure what the issue is. I'll get on the computer in a few hours and fix it
  5. Results? Also if you can figure out who did that version of "tempature" that Kenny was playing in the video. I needs it lol
  6. All subs are in now, have the pics on my photo bucket but I'm on my phone and they won't upload onto here for some reason
  7. Fa sho bro... this is one of those builds that just makes you wanna book a southwest flight, go out there, eat lunch get a demo and hop right back on the plane and come back lol. We definitely will. and thanks bro. Crazy I didn't thinks I'd own a home till I was 30+ and I was cool with that. All the hard work I've put in the last few years is paying off.
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