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  1. Brian is your guy for AA, been going through him for AA/FI subs for the last couple years.
  2. That's dope you build with your boy. I loved working on anything with my dad when I was his age! I learn a lot from my old man.
  3. Ya that's pretty much my reaction when I go back and look at those pictures too lmao.
  4. Thanks man! Regarding the tint, I've had this same tint setup on 3 different trucks over the last 4 years so visibility isn't an issue. You really do get used to it, I get in my truck now and forget I have tint on the windshield sometimes. I wanna go back and get 10% on the windshield and 2% on the driver and passenger side window. I personally have never had issues with cops. I've been pulled over for speeding and loud music and none of the cops ever mentioned anything about the tint. My brother has had the same setup also for the past 4 years or so and has only got one ticket for the tint. But he was pulled over for loud exhaust and colored fog lights so the tint was kind of just an add on. I have a few other buddies that run similar setups and never have issues unless it's a one off like my brothers situation.
  5. Thanks for the kind words man. It's been a very difficult last few months for sure. I'm just trying to make the best of what I can and rebuild bigger. I'm still fighting with the other ladies insurance for compensation for all my damaged equipment which is a fucking pain in the ass. Once I can get some compensation this build will really start to get rolling.
  6. So unfortunately my last build came to a very unexpected end. Some of you have probably already seen this so I won't go into too much detail with it in this thread. If you would like to read more about the situation you can read about it here: So after the accident I knew I wanted to rebuild bigger and better this time. The first mission was to find another Tahoe with the same body style, no sunroof, and had leather power/heated seats. I don't know about where you guys are from but it was super hard to find a Tahoe in that style with no sunroof and leather seats. Every Tahoe I came by either had leather seats with a sunroof or had no sunroof but was cloth. During my search for a new truck I scooped up 4 more Team AA 18s from a good buddy of mine. And yes, I did buy more subs before I even had a truck (basshead priorities) lmfao. I couldn't resist the price he was going to sell them to me for. The two subs in the back are the 2 damaged subs from the previous truck. So after almost 2 months I finally found the truck I wanted. It was literally the only Tahoe I was able to find without a sunroof but had all the other options I wanted. Of course had to get it tinted the next day after getting it lol. 5% on driver and passenger side, 5% on top of stock on all back windows, and 20% on the windshield. Put my HIDs back in. Took a clay bar to the truck and gave it a real nice detail. Next step was to strip the truck so I can start to get the enclosure started. Now it was time for some steel. 310lbs of 1x1 14ga steel tubing should work. Now I am no welder, as much as I would love to buy one and learn to weld it just wasn't going to happen for this project. With that being said all the welding work is being done by a buddy of mine. Dropped the truck off for a little bit and had him start on the sides and the back. Once the sides and back were in and I got the truck back I started getting the roof treated with some wood before the steel roof gets attached. Nothing too crazy just some 3/4" MDF in between the supports. Once I got the wood on the roof and it cured I brought the truck back to my buddy for some more steel. Here's the steel roof in place: Gonna bring the truck back this week for the final stages of the cage. Gonna finish welding everything in place, add braces, and grind anything that needs be down.
  7. That's very strange for sure. I've unfortunately been the cause of an accident running a light like that and been on the other end of getting hit by someone running a red light. Fucking sucks no matter which way it goes. Very strange that they did not let you get the equipment. Both times I went to go recover my belongings there was no issues as long as I had registration and my ID present. In fact I've been with a few people to recover belongings from a tow yard and never had an issue. Hell the last time I had to go through that I even took the headlights that were not aftermarket and a few other stock parts and no one told me a damn thing. Not really sure what I would do in a situation like this. Sorry to hear about the accident and glad you're alive. I bet you were pretty sore after that one lol.
  8. Here are some updates for you guys. I'm a little late at posting some of these so you may have seen them on FB already.
  9. BP4. Not sure if Brian wants to give info on subs yet so I'll keep quiet about that.
  10. Wow is really the only thing I can say too man. Still cant wrap my head around the whole situation.
  11. Ya pictures don't really do the destruction justice. It was absolutely destroyed in every aspect. Thanks though man.
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