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  1. Ya I had a few batteries in the back with frame grounds back there and it was fine. As for the front I just replaced the stock ground with one run through the sensor. The sensor is big enough to fit one 1/0 run with the headlight ground going through also.
  2. Leaving it disconnected doesn't tell much. I'd load test it and see how it performs.
  3. This homepage has way too much going on.. Shit takes forever loading all these fucking images and videos. Not to mention all the Javascript being ran in the background refreshing everything. Shit is a mess lol.

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    2. strangeduck


      Mine loads fine on my pleb work pc, but i dont have ads so maybe that is the issue, or maybe its PC master race.

    3. BEEKAY


      The ads are a big cause of it. The page literally took 36 seconds to load normally. With no ads it loads in 23 seconds. With no ads and no sidebar that has the videos and images in it the page loads fully in 10 seconds. Probably would not be an issue at all granted I had better internet. But I only have one choice which is Century Link and they fucking suck where I live.

    4. mathewyocham


      My cell phone loads faster than that. With ads and vids. Sounds like its time for a new computer.

  4. I wouldn't hesitate to beat the snot out of them out of the box lol.
  5. Ya that's what I am coming to the conclusion of. I called XS and they said based on what I was describing it was something with the main board. So they suggested I buy another one. So now I have to look at buying a new charger to replace it.
  6. Well this month does not seem to be my month as far as electrical goes. With my Singer alternator taking a shit and now my charger. Pretty disappointing considering I've been using this charger religiously for the last year and a half with no issues to charge my XS batts, absolutely love it. Anyway, I went to plug my truck up like I do every night but noticed the charger making a very strange high pitched noise like something is leaking. Never heard this before and my volt meter connected to back battery bank was showing no charge. Busted out my DMM and sure enough there is no charge coming from the charger at all. The charger turns on, the fan kicks on, the light is red as if it's charging, but there is no charge whatsoever. In the video you'll notice when I put the camera on the side of the charger with the switch you can hear the high pitched leaking sound very well. Sounds like a cap is leaking or something. Anyone experience this issue? As always thanks for any insight.
  7. Cool, all I needed to know. Thanks again for the speedy replies, much appreciated.
  8. Just the one ground that you upgraded at starting battery?
  9. Thanks for the fast response. Where did you run your ground that you put through the sensor? The frame, alt bracket, or another location? I assume that the point of this is to put as much of the load through the sensor to keep the voltage up. So what about additional grounds at the starting battery? Will this cause the load at the sensor to be less causing lower voltage?
  10. So I just got a 2005 Chevy Tahoe a couple weeks ago. I'm slowly getting all my equipment put back in. I am currently waiting for an XS D3400 for under the hood. While running my wires to the back this weekend I noticed a few things. The main thing I noticed is this vehicle seems to have a "battery current sensor." I've seen a few people on the forum have these but really couldn't find all that much info on it. How will this affect my big 3 when I get ready to do it? What are your suggestions? Remove the current ground in the sensor and replace with a 1/0 cable? What about any other ground? Any help is appreciated. I will post some pictures below. Here are some pictures of the sensor I am referring to. Here are my runs to the back. There is also a ground directly from the frame coming up to the back for the back battery bank.
  11. Steve is one of the very few people that knows how to handle the trolls on the internet. I've been watching you destroy these trolls in the comments section for years. Kudos to you man not everyone understands how to handle these dumbass people.
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