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  1. Maybe if my computer wouldn't lag I would buy it lol. Stupid integrated graphics and shitty cpu.
  2. Douchebag videos like this: You dont have to say fuckin' ever single minute.
  3. Same here.I won't be going to any different theaters from now on. It's reserved seating as well. Check out the John R
  4. DAMN YOU SMD! Breaking my wallet and shit! Trying to start up a game server company and college at the same time... RIP money.
  5. sweet! Ill be on most of today add me if you want: sgunnem You might as well get premium membership so you can get the 5 DLC too, thats like 20 more maps for multiplayer. SMD server is based on naval strike. I am working today then going to church (I may burst into a ball of flames lol) with my mom tonight for christmas. I may have some time in between though! Is Naval Strike DLC?
  6. Picked BF4 up yesterday on Origin for $15! They are having a sale on all DLC and BF4 downloads.
  7. more benadryl sonthe Benadryl made it a thousand times worse The only solution is cyanide. Your choice who receives it
  8. Go down and join them ot: people freaking out about finals. I havent cracked a book all semster and so far i have 2 100% finals. 1 more on the way
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