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  1. Watched the blue angels today.. was pretty epic!

    1. strangeduck


      those guys are insane. i used to watch them when i was a kid, that was 20 years ago.

  2. Almost highsided the R1 today. Saved it like a boss!

  3. 175.4 single channel on 2 10" kickers flexing my truck lololol. Video in my build log

    1. audiofanaticz



      Where ya been bro?

    2. Trill


      Working and working. Then after work I did some more work lol. Weather nice so I got out the yamaha R1.. man I missed it!

  4. Rented 3 DVD's from redbox, get home and my dvd player in my PC won't read them. I removed the drive from PC and smashed the shit out of it. ordered 2 new ones!

  5. Awesome. I did not smell anything and since I had it in my bedroom I would have smelled it easily. I will do as you suggested and if I have any questions I'll call Thanks
  6. you will just get bolts and washers. You are gonna wanna buy some kind of terminals depending on how many connections you're going to need. Here is a good start http://toolmakermetalworkz.com/
  7. I have all my remote wires run off of a relay and the relay is triggered by the remote wire from headunit. Its kind of weird and maybe you can tell me why this happens. My headunit has motorized screen that auto opens and closes when powered on/off but the relay does not click on until the screen is fully open and turns on.
  8. Well when my new charger shows up I'll hook it up and let it charge overnight.. Hopefully everything is fine. I'm gonna be pretty sad if I bricked a $300 battery lol. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I'm guessing that if I did damage the battery I'm dicked out of warranty?
  10. I just looked at the spec sheet for the charger and says output voltage is 12v. It doesn't say anything about going above that hmm
  11. The only thing I can think of is that my headunit + Nav module and the EQ746 all have constant power + Remote turn on, could those be drawing enough to drain? Or are they not supposed to drain power until the remote wire turns them on?
  12. I ordered my D6500 a few weeks ago and decided to put it on the charger in my house for a couple days. The charger is a schumacher SE-5212A and claims fully automatic with engine start. I set it at 10A and Maintenance free deep cycle. It was on for probably 3 days and then I removed it for about 2 weeks. I installed the battery in my truck on Saturday and drove around for about 45 minutes then it sat all day sunday. I went to a doctor appointment today and when I got back to work and shut the truck off I watched the voltage for a few seconds and it was at 13.6 and slowly falling and after 5 hours I went back out to the truck and it was at 12.1v Is my truck draining the battery or is it just not resting properly. I hear it should be between 12.6 and 13.1 I just purchased a Schumacher 15A XC515 and will hook it up to that and see what happens. Glad I didn't hook my D3100 up to the other one I guess. Unless I just have not driven around enough to charge it fully or my truck is draining the battery.. which should not be happening I dont have any amps or accessories hooked up right now. /sigh
  13. My truck is now officially powered by an xs D6500.

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    2. Trill


      I increase your efficiency at watching southpark and this is how you repay me! SMH

    3. SnowDrifter


      Dick... HOLSTER! Lmfao haven't heard that one before

    4. Krakin


      My AP world teacher told me that one in class, haha.

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