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  1. Very nice! also don't know how I missed this. Can't wait to see these make it over here. Great looking woofers!! Love the work that you guys put into the design. Also, to the people picking on the subtitles and English text. Really? I'm pretty sure you can understand what is being said even though a couple of letters are misplaced. No need to be an ass about it. I would like to see you guys post on a russian forum with perfect translation. Just saying.
  2. Was gonna say, yeah smash them with a big hammer. I usually use a mapp gas torch and melt the bastards.
  3. When you see someone selling something you want when you ain't got the money. When you get the money you can't find shit.
  4. lol, he needs something long to balance out all the short things.
  5. Here we go.... I've been dealing with the same shit for years. I've had to have spent 5k alone on shipping/exchange on the stuff I have gotten. Pretty much is what is is unfortunately. There are some sellers that will ship usps if asked for a bit cheaper. The problem with buying in country, you end up paying the same amount or more because the price is in CAD and they like to overcompensate. For instance I looked at an XS power d3400 on a Canadian site, they wanted 659.99. It's a total joke. Would be cheaper to get it from the US and pay the fees. You also got to realize that some sites include duties and taxes in the final price so you won't owe anything at the door. The problem with this is that they often charge a flat rate regardless of the items being sold. I have paid at the door and it has still came out cheaper than paying the "duties" or attempted calculations of them on some sites. I appreciate that they are trying to help but It just don't work out that great. Not to thread jack, but the thing that bothers me the most is the lack of these types of products in our country. People always say "you should get that stuff here, would be cheaper" I just laugh. good luck to you. I'm sure all of us deal with the same thing. Guys, not to bash but those of you that live in the USA don't understand how good you have it when it comes to free shipping.
  6. When looking for a used vehicle, all the used car places all say "affordable used cars" etc and when you look there is nothing older than a 2011 and like 10k min. what a joke.
  7. When you are trying to sell shit, nobody is interested for months, once it's gone you get 20 messages asking if you still have said items. like wtf. and those people who say "ill take said item" then proceed to ignore you. If people ain't serious stop wasting my fucking time/rant
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