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  1. it played that song "for the cocaine" pretty hard. that one is 55, 36, and 28 hz. its playing everything I throw at it. subs are stiff as fuck though.
  2. They actually aren't mounted to the metal. If you look closely at the picture you will notice about a 1/2 inch blue rubber spacers. They really help the amps stay cool and cut down on metal to metal vibration. And yes, I personally don't like mounting amps directly to metal. Metal on metal vibrating is terrible in the oilfield industry so I think it is smart to avoid it when possible. The truck is about 97.8% complete. I have it back from BB. Still going to do a little tuning on the processor and we got to add a little more battery and might as well go nuts with some deadener, although their are not major squeaks or rattles. Also want to do a sweep on the termlab. Other than that I think we are good to go. My next project is walling off a c pillar in my 2008 explorer. Looking at around 12k watts hopefully in that build.
  3. 2 SP4 15's on serious power in a HUGE PORTED WALL.
  4. the "loud" system is going in the explorer. even with the 2512's i was flexing the hell outta that truck.
  5. i just hope there is room for those tweets in the doors. they are very tall tweets. Actually starting to hope I have enough bass for all the highs.lol that c3d is a 2 channel 250x2 @ 2 ohms. they used to make the ss4 which was 160x4 @ 4 ohms but they discontinued it. This build is "the goat 2 point OHH!"
  6. dude im sittin here right now downloading and making playlists for when mine comes out. 12 3512's on a m2 at .5 ohm....that shits gonna be crazy son. lol.
  7. this truck is the reason I has no bang in my truck currently. BB, it is going to be so sick when it is finished.
  8. i have been a friend of this guy for about 2 years now. His name is Brandon Buck. I can tell you right now he will build you a great box AND ship it to you if you work with him on the measurements for your application. Need his number? He's currently doing me a "tapered" line like the one in the last set of pictures for 2 dd 3512's that will be running off of a m2c @.5 ohms. very reasonable prices.
  9. it really sounds great in person. hard to believe 2 8's are handling all that power.
  10. well when you order 2 custom 3512's and one arrives with a small nick in the cone and the other wasnt supercharged , its pretty disappointing. i didnt really break down the pricing but lets just say probably about $1400 for the pair. Picked them up today and didnt open the box to examine them before i drove home 1 1/2 hours away. get home and one is supercharged the other isnt. then just looking at the one that is supercharged, it has a glaring imperfection on the cone. a nick about the size of a sesame seed. Hard to justify? yeah. im thinking so. my entire truck is DD now. ive put some money into it getting it to near perfection but i'm a little disappointed right now. i know mistakes happen. people are human. face it. shit happens. but at these prices, for a custom built sub? to have these mistakes? cmon man. not worth the time, money or frustration. sorry. DD lost me as a customer for future builds. working on a new build for 2016 and it wont be DD. not sure how they are going to handle fixing these subs. tempted to get my money back.
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