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  1. Hey man u still alive? 

  2. Bigger amps? Just how big are you wanting? Assuming the NS-1 v2 is still rated at 6.5-7.5k Single amp, rated around 8-10k. Just get one more amp. problem solved
  3. I'm getting tired hearing all of the babble. Let's put this thread to use...... Steve, start us off by testing the T15k's
  4. I think every amp and amp company like the one tested should be put on blast. Fuck them for fucking everyone who spent some coin on garbage like that. The way I see it is, .... they need to be "eighty-sixed"
  5. that being said, i think a 1/0 pos/neg would probably yield a higher reading on the dyno. How much? I don't know. I am going to set up a sick ass test bench for all this stuff and have all sorts of options available on it. I will be doing experiments on all sorts of scenario's. Once you have that set up, I want to see that sundown retested with 1/0, then again with atleast one more of those batts to see what changes. After all, this is what the amp dyno was meant to be used for right....
  6. So are you wanting to keep producing these? what are you projecting out, time wise
  7. how would recone process be completed on this? i'm trying to understand it's mechanical situation. does this have one long former with two coils on it? is the rear acting like some sort of bucking magnet system? just trying to get some clarity here
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