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  1. I'm building a box for these using 4" pvc for ports, I was hoping someone could look my calculations over and let me know if I need to make any adjustments. Subs- LVL 3 MI 15's Amp - Soundstream trx 2K Box - 16"H×40"Wx23"D gross 6.95 CU. Gross Ports - 4 ×4" ×10.5" long 527.52 sq.in (regular pvc) Total net after subs and port 6.31CU. This before any bracing. This going into a 01 yukon xl, all help is appreciated.
  2. Just putting together a box design for a new build that's going in my truck and wanted to see if this sounds about rite. The box is for four 15" xlm2's box is 18"h x 49.5"w X 38"d total volume is 16.73 cf. i'm using six 6" aero's flared length is 26.5" for a 33 htz. tuning. Truck is 01 Yukon xl going to do subs up ports back power is going to be a pair of 5k's subs are dual 1"s, i'm going to double wall all sides using birch net volume after displacement is 14.18 cf. this is before bracing, not going for numbers this is going to be a daily. If this doesn't look rite for any reason please chime in any and all advice is appreciated, thank's in advance.
  3. Will do, i picked up the m1's over the weekend and i'm going to recone them to .7 in the meantime i'm going to get this box going. also going to be redoing the amp rack and batt's so i will defiantly post up some picks as soon as i start making some saw dust.
  4. I'm good on the mid bass I've got a pair of 8" crescendo mp-8's and tweeter in both my front doors.
  5. 33 should be perfect, im running 2 m1 xls on about the same power, 6.5 cubes with 2 6in aeros tuned to 31hz, plays down to about 25hz with authority, but i do loose some upper bass notes. What size subs are you running? And how big are the flares on those 6" aeros? Maby i could squeeze three of those in the rear deck I would probably have to bend them.
  6. The lvl 4's sound great and get low with the aeros, the box i have in there now is tuned to 32.5 but i could only get 4 of the aeros in the deck because of the flares i wanted to do 5 but they just wouldn't fit. I figure i would look into the slot port and see if i could get more port area this way figure it would be worth looking into.
  7. Thank's for chiming in Kranny, so i could just plug my numbers into the calc and hit 0 for common port walls and should be good as far as ware i place the port on the top of the box? and in your opinion what do you suggest tuning these to i was thinking 33HZ it's a daily ?
  8. porting the rear deck of my Impala, subs will be firing into the cabbin . Subs are two 15" xl m1's on a Crescendo 3kwp. My question is since the port won't be connected to any walls of the box can i still use the calc to figure out the port area? In other words what i'm asking is when your doing a standard slot port your normally using the side wall or the top and bottom of the box as part of your port, what i'm wanting to do is come thru the top center of the box with a partially external port thru my rear deck and i wasn't sure how to figure this out with the calc. I currently have two LVL4 15's firing into the cabin with 4 4" aeros in the rear deck but i'm thinking i could get a little more port with a square/slot port than the aeros due to the flares. Any help with this would be greatly apprciated, and if the square/slot port isn't going to get much more than what i have now than i'll just stick with what i know.
  9. I just picked up a pair of 15" m1 LVL 4 XL's and i'm going to be ordering recones for them, my question is there a difference in the m2 series soft parts or is it just the motor and basket and would m2 soft parts work in a m1 motor? If the m2 soft parts would work in the m1's should i get those or just stick with the m1 recones just curious.
  10. I think you will, there are a lot for sale now just keep checking the for sale section on the forums.
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