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  1. Steve is a real class act! Not because he is giving stuff away but because he is willing to help others in their builds and stand behind his products!
  2. Glad you got this sorted out, I just read you had power & ground from your HU, i just ran everything off my amps.
  3. I tried this on my 2 channel A5602 pioneer amp. I can't say off hand if currently I'm connected at + or - but if I had to guess it would be + on the left channel. I know for sure I tried both though when I ended up with a sudden ants nest of wires.
  4. Does that $175 include shipping? Or would all items have to amount to 175 in order to get the 30%?
  5. Oh Great! As im trying to save up. Steve, any idea since I already have 2 OM-1 & 1 VM-1 in my center console, what else this can be used for? Im rattling my brain now to figure where I would put this, obviously I don't need the entire single din setup. Thanks for making me broke! Again!
  6. some bigger gauge wire won't work from what I can tell. I tried 14 from a distance of my amp which is located behind my back seat of my avalanche to the front center consoles and got nothing! I swapped to some 16/18 gauge and it worked.
  7. I tried doing the same thing like you did and initially it did nothing. I did notice by turning it slow in the indicated direction (don't remember off hand which way the manual says) mine came to life. Are your wires connected properly? Power, remote and signal? Some amps require to be tapped in on a certain channel.
  8. are u turning the adjust dial in the correct direction? This happened to me as well but it was user error on my part. It does take minor adjustment to get the light going.
  9. Well sad day it is. All my damp pro is finished!! Damn it!!!!!!! 18 sheets did inner door skin for all 4 doors, 2 A-Pillars, 2 B-Pillars, 1 C-Pillar and 1 on each front floor board (Driver & Passenger side) I hate waiting on shipments, Sucks!
  10. Thanks man, I have gained a great response from their Damplifier Pro alone in my front doors.
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