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  1. You are too worried about the size wire running to your coils, it doesn't matter if you have the biggest damn wire they make, then double it, without different properties inside the coil (which you would have to do to get to your desired .5 ohm load). You cannot lower the resistance of a single coil. Think of it like a water hose, if you have a fire hose hooked up then the last 10 feet you hooked up a regular garden hose. You won't get any more water just because of whats behind the garden hose, it is still getting restricted by the end of the hose, or circuit in electronics. The only thing you could do is minimize added resistance which you don't need to worry about because the resistance is negligible. I figure you should be able to figure out the water hose reference with your water cooling and such.
  2. Depending on what you consider loud, I have the same truck as you pretty much. If you want to get loud, first thing I would do is a h.o. Alternator. I actually noticed quite a decent audible gain. As far as a wall is concerned, i haven't walled my truck. I do have a ported box with 2 twelves on a false floor and for two 18's you are going to need a big box for that back seat. If it were me with those I would go ahead and wall it for upgrading purposes later on. It would also be easier to keep looking clean because you could hide your wire and Amps underneath.
  3. Class is canceled in the morning tomorrow so I'm going to go up to my local audio shop and they're going to meter it for me, I've never been on a meter nor have I ever seen a car that has been on a meter in person, so I have no idea what it's going to put out. Any guesses on what it'll do?
  4. It was going good for a bit, we just got moms car back from the shop and that was the garage I was working on it in. So had to move everything out of the garage for a while. I went a head and put everything in the truck until my dad will let me pull her car out and work on it. (He doesn't want it outside at night right now because of cats. All I have left for the most part though is a bit of sanding and bondo work. Going to be painting it gloss black, What kind of paint do your guys recommend? I was thinking kilz oil based primer and some rustoleum roll on oil based paint. If there is a better way to do it I'd love to know, also I do have a spray gun if it needs to be sprayed.
  5. I've gotten quite a bit done the last couple of days. Got the floor and back wall carpeted, speaker wires ran to the dash, floor mounted in the truck and the back wall installed and installed all the distribution and fuse blocks.
  6. I got quite a bit of work done today on the amp rack, I think I have it completely cut out. I still have to sand, add filler, prime and paint it. I only have a couple holes left to drill for the wires to run up to the amps. Deciding on whether to paint or carpet the outside of it, any suggestions?
  7. SAE-50 came a little early, so tomorrow I'm going to have to run my speaker wire and I'm going to try and get the amp rack rough cut.
  8. Yeah, I don't think the amplifier comes in until Friday and deliveries don't show up at my house until later in the day usually so hopefully it will give me enough time to get the wire ran.
  9. That's kind of what I figured, I think I'm gonna try and run them to the speakers because it's already pretty tight behind the radio.
  10. I got some stuff today and got a little bit done. The rca's and the remote wire has been run under the carpet and through the floor, the power wire is coming in from the other side and comes up next to the rca's. I have a question for anybody reading this though, when I run my speaker wire from the amp should I run them straight to the speaker or can I run it to the back of the head unit and tap into the wires running into the truck?
  11. The rest of the stuff is on it's way, A SAE-50.4 and some distribution blocks and fuse blocks, also have a little bit more wire on order. That should be the last of the wiring and audio supplies I should have to build. All that is left is all of it. Still have to finish the box, finish the floor, build an amp rack, wire in the speaker amp, and run the rca's and remote wire more efficiently to the back. That'll be all until my stuff comes in, hopefully before Friday so I can work on it before and after school that day.
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