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  1. I had a similar problem with my 80prs. Updated and something went wrong and lost my bluetooth option. From what I remember pioneer had issues with updates.
  2. I made some 1/2" mdf boards that are screwed down with rivet nuts in the trunk on each side under the upholstery where I mounted my amps. I also got a mdf board under the back deck where I have 4 crossovers mounted. I dismantled the crossovers and hot glued them down better to kill the rattles.I also made 3/4mdf false floor that sits in front of the spare mounted down with rivets insert where my box will sit. I will be making a hole in the arm rest for the port to fire thru of a 4th order. If you have after market rims you can put a battery in the spare tire spot. I got a xs R5100 there and 1 of the original tires for a spare. you just have to shave off the spare tire mount piece of metal. Its layed on its side with terminals faced back. All the wires have space on each side of the spare to run in an out with no rubbing. Shoot me your number in a private message and send some pictures if you want.
  3. I just put a audiocontrol D-4.800 in my 2013 accord. On the non premium radio and have no complaints. Well just 1 with the great turn on for remote signal. The stock head unit has a constant single coming out of it so when I turn the radio off the amps stay on until I turn the key off. Good thing I ran 2 9packs of speedwire 1 for signal and the other I used to put the amps on a switch. I would think you would just have to run the radio eq flat and let the dsp do the rest. One thing I would recommend is to give all the doors and the trunk some sound deadening treatment. Complete night and day difference in a honda. And seal up the the 2 maintenance access openings in the front doors with some abs, pvc, or some type of plastic sheet. I had some extra plastic clothes drawers laying around. Used the biggest side and cut to fit each opening. Took the foil off a sheet of some sound deadening and cut and rolled into sticky rope. Used that to keep the plastic peices in place and sound treated over that. Works great so far.
  4. Tweeters look good. Put my tweets on the side mirror plastic access. Used the Hertz mounting pods. Used my homemade car radio boombox and several CD's to get the right spot. When you post I'm all ears.
  5. Friend of mine had a dog that would eat fire, cigarettes anything that was burning.
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