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  1. DTS909

    Want to get some peoples opinion

    Any pics of the car?
  2. Tweeters look good. Put my tweets on the side mirror plastic access. Used the Hertz mounting pods. Used my homemade car radio boombox and several CD's to get the right spot. When you post I'm all ears.
  3. Friend of mine had a dog that would eat fire, cigarettes anything that was burning.
  4. Save your OG shipping boxes
  5. Hell yeah! Put me down for a set. Love to slap so bones with that shit!
  6. DTS909

    Amp suggestions

    Or go with a Brazilian
  7. DTS909

    Amp suggestions

    Car Audio Bargain
  8. DTS909

    Amp suggestions

    Check out The Amp Lab.
  9. If I remember right it was 3 max.
  10. Something like that. I can fit a 6"X 6" square port and it can extend out 4"-5". With the port top to bottom the hold down arm rest would block it about 5". Top to bottom would be better for bracing. Just want to get all the sound in the cab.
  11. DTS909

    How to tell what level dc subs are

    Need to see the ass face