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  1. DTS909

    Subwoofer trouble

    Need more info on your setup?
  2. DTS909

    Psi problems

    Check that wiring
  3. Looks like it should sound good.
  4. Just put 4 in the trunk. Drilled a small hole then used a round file to get it just so the rivet would slide in tight.
  5. The video for Dyno on the scv4000 the amp does double the power dynamic at 13.7 at .5. I wonder if scv 3000, 2000, 15000 are not beefed up like the 4000 and up amps?
  6. Glad I'm cheap and got mine from dbr and sold it for about the same price.
  7. My buddy had 2003 I did a little cheap system in. Easy to work in. Got the bed covers stolen, forgot to lock them.
  8. DTS909

    Sundown SA 10s

    Joe x boxes are on point.
  9. DTS909

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    In for videos