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  1. SMD what are you Drinking thread

    Vodka and what ever taste good with it🙃
  2. Got 2 off ebay 1 has a bent and cracked frame and the coils off. Called a dealer local to me today and asked about a price for new recone. Said he would have to call DD on monday. So anyone got info on recone prices and what the subs go for new? And do I have to get a recone through a dealer or can I get one on my own? First time owning anything DD.
  3. New battery dd-1 eats them like candy
  4. Any subs with a 5.25" mounting depth?

    Sundown SD Line
  5. components all around or just front

    I second what white lightning said.
  6. ADIDAS.COM (40% off everything on site today)

    Sucks on my phone. Get a couple of pair when get home!
  7. smd cc-1 available??

    Check the tool map use the search option top right
  8. Looking for a 1990 Kenwood KDC-93R car stereo

    You signed up on old school stereo car audio for sale on facebook? Good place to find old school equipment. Welcome
  9. Question on how powerful I can go (stock electrical)

    Skar got's refurbished rp2000 on eBay $179.99.
  10. Fi Alpha V2 15

    Fi all day
  11. My audiopipe is out burping my ct sounds?

    Whats your electrical?
  12. CT sounds AT7000.1d up in smoke

    Where was it mounted?