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  1. That is an amazing collection of equipment, there is a lot of history on the walls and in the cabinets of that shop. A Power 1000 signed by Wayne Harris and one signed by Mark Fukuda. Absolutely priceless. Nice video.
  2. First amp I bought was a Kenwood KAC-821, in 1991, followed by a Kenwood KAC-823. Then I got the chance to buy a Rockford Punch 30 and haven't stopped running Rockford since. Have owned Punch 4008DSM, Punch 200ix, Punch 100ix and a Power 1000 Mosfet (chrome) over the years. I really wish I didn't sell the 1000. Currently have a Rockford Prime 600-4D and looking to buy a Rockford Prime 1200-1D.
  3. Hey all. Names Chris, from the East Coast of Canada. Got bit by the audio bug back in the early 90's. Got away from it for a few years, life got in the way, but slowly building up a system to install in an 09 Pontiac G8 GT. Found the site a few years ago while searching for a car audio forum. Have been doing a lot of reading. Chris
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