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  1. i pesonally am looking at either the sae2000 or the zapco st-2000xm II to run my 2 sa15s
  2. I am planing when I can to go to 4 sa15s on 5k in a wall. That should get there I hope.
  3. thanks Joe. I have no clue how to do any of that modeling. I see what you said about the peaky response. I may just have to pay someone to make me the correct plan and get what I think I want. I have no clue how to build a box or design it with these programs so easier to pay. I may just go to the 4th order box to get more range but stay musical. I really would like to try and hit a 150 but that is alot to gain since i am only about 141 currently.
  4. I currently have a box at about 6cubes tuned at 34hz subs port up box that was made for 2 sundown sa15s on 2k it sounded good but I blew a sub and covered the hole and am currently running just 1 sub on 1K and it sounds amazing was only hitting 142.3 previously hit a 140.9 on a single. my question for you in theory if I went around 11-12 cubes subs up port back and did 2 sa15s on 2k zapco amp tuned at 28hz do you think it will sound lousy or will it really improve the sound. Other option would be to get a 4th order made I want musical but also to get good numbers. I am currently in a 06 durango with about 47W 16H 36D alloted space. I believe this will give about 6 inches from back door.
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