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  1. tony187soundproof

    Need recommendation for budget friendly 6.5 comps

    Mc laren is a good entry lvl brand. I have the 6x8 and they sound awesome
  2. tony187soundproof

    Sundown SA-15

    I have the same sub and I have areo ports for 32hz and 35 hz, they both sound good the 32 has a rolling bass sound while the 35 has a tight punch bass note. The 32 shakes my steering wheel and the 35 shakes the hell out of it. Hope this helps
  3. I'll have to go buy one of these now that I know it can make it's power, should push my 15 sa just fine
  4. If I win I'm putting the system in my daily, I'll call it the neoninator
  5. I got a flip kit for my f150 ,going to drop the ass 5.5 inches, and the front is going down 3 inches.
  6. I put this in last week it's the switch for my exhaust cut out. I already have a Ford racing catback dual exhaust that sounds awesome, now when I flip the switch it sounds freaking awesome. And yes I installed my volt meter in my change holder Thanks for taking a look see,. Bass on