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  1. It should be fine, as long as you have good clean power going to it,I have a single 15sa rev 3 on 1000 watts. These subs are under rated.
  2. I have a durabrand 2.1 surround sound hooked up to my ps2. My flat panel lcd doest have an out,so i run the video therw the sub. it sounds good for a 30 $ set up.
  3. I have a kenwood 800 watt 2-ch. amp,My friend had it set up for his mids,but i forgot that i had turned on the bass boost.And i also had bridged it,and i had the loud button pushed in on my head unit,......All 3 togeather=boom,boom,blown
  4. I blew up my 8'' JL w3-d6 DVC sub,Its going to cost 40 bucks to get reconed,or I might get a rockford for around 80. what do you guys think
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