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  1. You should also monitor your battery voltage during use. Find out how much current you're pulling and how you can get more current to the amp. Adding a second battery on my setup gave me an extra 275 Watts RMS
  2. My neo gets to smelling pretty regularly but im pushing it pretty hard. Last clamp i did i was delivering 1928 watts
  3. My swap wont be an apples to apples comparison unfortunately. Ill be going from a BL Neo to a Team 3.
  4. Id like to know what the difference in DB could be going from a single 10" sub to a 15". Now i understand there are numerous factors so an exact number could never happen. For the sake of argument lets say that are the same series, same ohm load, same frequency, same power output, Box scaled up but tuned the same. What kind of spl difference one see?
  5. 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, Orion 2500XTR, FI BLNEO 10", 250a Alt.  CAF designed box. 142.8 db @ 42hz.  and growing.  Uber riders love the thunder.

  6. Woot up to 142.8db @42 hz .
  7. Im thinking about running the Team 3 unit. I want to run the setup as it is. Im using an Orion 2500XTR currently. The 10 will be my daily use speaker then the Team 3 will be my competition unit. I havent committed to the Team 3 unit yet. I was going to get the opinions of people on here on it when i got a bit closer to the purchase.
  8. So I purchased a FI Blneo 10 and I got a say this is one fine piece of asskickery. I'm still refining my setup but damn this little thing puts in work. Many people (not stereo educated) are blown away by the punch this little bastard has. I love it and I'm looking to do a 15 my Fi soon. I don't want to set any records but I do want to have a good showing. The 10 puts in work, but it's not going to be too competitive against a 15 with the same power. It's an epic every day sub.
  9. I got a box designed by caf and I'm very happy with the results. I'm still trying to fine tune the system but I couldn't be happier. Sounds great even though no promises were made for that because it was an spl based box. None the less it was worth the investment. Thanks mark. I'm working on making this little 10 put in work.
  10. I have a 16 fiesta st with a 250 amp alt. When the computer is involved in the charging system voltage takes too long to go up when it's under extreme load. Is anybody have specs or anything to manipulate the charge voltage? I'm trying to figure out if the voltage regulator Works off of frequency or signal voltage to create its output voltage and amperage. If they computer can do it so can I but I need to know what it is looking for before I can do it. Has anybody else accomplished this yet?
  11. Interesting I never considered that. I'll have to look into that. Thank you.
  12. Greetings fellow Bass Heads. Im looking for some suggestions to get a bit more SPL out of my current setup. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Basically i just want to know if there is enough room for growth thats worth doing before i step up to a 15 or am i where i should be for the combo. Here is the breakdown. 2016 Ford Fiesta ST (Stock interior), 250A Alternator, 2xOdyssey PC-1500 Batteries, 2 1/0 runs from alt to primary battery, 2 1/0 runs from front to rear Battery, Factory Stereo, Wavetech BassFREQ inverter, Orion 2500 XTR, 1x 10" FI BLNEO. Box Designed by CAF.com 1.50 CF @ 45HZ. I also have a DC 2.0K that i havent tried on this box setup yet. Its on my "to-do" list. Just to see what kind of power and SPL im getting out of it. Currently im getting a little over 1700 watts out of the Orion. Current SPL 141.6 @ 43HZ Sorry for the Noobish breakdown and questions. Iv been out of the game for some time and things have changed alot sense i built my last real system. Thank you all for your input.
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