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  1. I have not tested the ohm rise on a single coil if it is on the high side of 2 ohms I would be looking at a net loss of power
  2. I see. How difficult is that to dial in?
  3. I am just wondering if I'm actually going to gain output this way
  4. As enticing as that is not a fan of mixing and matching. I will happily pay to do it the right way
  5. I have a single DC 2.0 k and the Orion 2500. I'm trying to get as much out of my DC M4 Elite 15 as I can and I'm trying to figure out whether or not two of the 2.0k will actually outperformed the Orion. Currently the woofer is a dual 1.4 and I am getting a hair over 2500 watts out of the Orion but I cannot find any information about the actual output of the DC units strapped. With my current setup biome rise gets me to 2.3 ohms. Any assistance you all can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. Ya the amp puts in work. Im trying to get to the 150 mark. Im at 147 now.
  7. I was considering getting one of the 4K versions. From what I understand from the rules they both put me in the same class for competition
  8. That video is actually what made me get this amp. The only reason im asking is because the power im putting out just seems high compaired to that unit once i figured out the ohm load its at. But the more i think about it it seems pretty close to where it should be. Im just hoping its not a fluke
  9. 2 Odyssey PC 1500 batteries, 2 1/0 Runs of EFX wire from the Alt to each battery, BNR 250A alternator.
  10. 250a alternator, 2 batteries, no caps. a mountain of cable haha
  11. This question is for any other 2500xtr users out there. What kind of power output are you seeing? From the metering iv done mine ranges from low 2k to 2100. Its running a duel 2ohm DC M4 Elite 15.
  12. Just wondering what the ramifications of going up in size on a box with the same port tuning could be. Does it change the ohm rise much? Im using a DC M4 Elite 15 My current box is 3.26 cf with box and port @42 HZ. I need to move it back in my trunk area but that is going to require me to either make a right trapezoid box or a stepped box. I can make the box grow in CF by about .5 CF while making it go back about 3 inches. I gained 1 full DB by moving it back with the seats down. The point is to have the seats up. DC recommends 3.25 CF. Any advise you guys could throw my way would be much appreciated.
  13. Thats what i was thinking. Thanks
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