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  1. Couldnt agree more. I used to have that with Drag Racing but everyone evolves. I dont want to be the best i just dont want to be the worst HAHA. Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
  2. I used to compete some time ago in my Tacoma. I had 4 FI 18's and a Kicker Warhorse. We had to put the box in the bed with a fork lift HAHA. It was an earth shaker. I miss that truck. Im going to put my DC 2K back in and see what kind of numbers i can get out of this setup. Id like to stick to the lower classes. Ill use this as my street setup and get a 15 soon. Id like to see high 140s.
  3. I once i find the final position under the seat backing ill carpet it and make it look nice. But this is it.
  4. Well guess im gona have to upgrade to a 15 and use this one for my daily.
  5. I found a DB Drag event happening next weekend so im going to go. I just want to be competitive. Im still trying to figure out what class ill be in.
  6. I havent competed in 10 years or so and i dont even know whats considered a good SPL anymore so here is my break down. 2016 Ford Fiesta ST, 250Amp Alternator, Orion 2500XTR and 1x FI 10" BLNEO. My Current SPL is 140.1 @ 43HZ
  7. Houdy all. I apologize in advance for probably a stupid question. Quick background. I used to do competition about 5-7 years ago in my Tacoma but boy o boy things have changed. My truck had 4 FI 18" powered by a Kicker Warhorse. Needless to say it was a blast. For back them it turned some heads. Im not looking to go full boar competition just yet but here is what i am looking at. 2016 Ford Fiesta ST 100% oem stereo system currently. I am considering the FI BL-Neo Series 10" sub. I like this one because its lite weight and doesnt require a monster of a box from what iv been able to tell. (unless i get better recommendations from you all) Im way out of the loop on amps now but im looking for something that is going to be reliable and about 1k rms unless there is something that is more power that is better. Any recommendations that can be tossed my way would be appreciated.
  8. 1500ish i guess. not set in stone at the moment.
  9. I like the way that sounds. HAHA. I dont really have a favorite amp manufacture at this point. I know alot of its personal preference so im open to ideas at this point.
  10. Im new to the forum but not a total noob to serious car audio competition things. I used to have 4 FI 15s in my toyota tacoma powered by a Kicker Warhorse but have sense moved on to other adventures. Im now looking to do a single SMD 15 in a ford Fiesta (LOL dont laugh.... i do every time i drive the damn thing). I like to do it once and do it right so im doing my amp research. I was hoping to get a few suggestions on amps from a few of the earth shakers here.
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