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  1. I reached out to Mechman and they dont have any options for my car in the OEM case configuration. Haven't tried Brand X yet. Ill try them tomorrow.
  2. So a Friend helped me work out the specs. The VAS is 67.8L but the Xmax based off the measurements is the part that has (at least me) perplexed. Based off the measurements of the Voice coil and the top plate the xmax is only 19mm.
  3. Wow those are bad ass. Thank you for the recommendation. I will be reaching out to them today.
  4. Greetings all. I have a 2016 Ford Fiesta ST. It already has a 250a alternator on it but it is still ECU controlled. Can someone point me in the direction of a company that help me either get the voltage i want from what i have or build me something that will get me the 15v i would like to have?
  5. You are either going into clipping or your battery voltage is dropping when you get that high. Easy way to tell is to check your voltage at the battery when you think its hitting the hardest. If your battery voltage is getting really low you could be making both of these things happen at the same time. If its going into clipping the sub is going to start getting hot fast.
  6. I was wondering if anyone has worked out the Vas and Xmax of the DC audio M4 Elite. Im trying to plug the sub into the Term-Pro box program. Iv spoken with Justin at DC and he explained that these numbers are variable due to the spider. Im really trying to narrow down the trial and error of this adventure. I know the output wont be exact but it could at least get me on the right path. Any help anyone could throw my way would be much appreciated.
  7. Is the termpro the only place to locate competitions? I'm in the north west and I don't see much going on up here.
  8. I extended the port and inverted the sub. Sounds AWESOME! Interestingly the peak SPL was still at 47 hz but the lower frequencies are much better quality and output wise. So that being said WTF am i doing wrong haha. I just want to hit 150DB. Im starting to wonder if my Mic is the issue.
  9. Just for shits and grinns im going to invert the woofer and extend the port by 10" That will lower my internal box space by .50cf from the base 3.25 with the speaker in the conventional orientation. Should be fun.
  10. I have an DC M4 Elite 15 powered by an Orion 2500XTR. My goal is to get to 150DB in a 2016 Fiesta ST. Factory deck with one of those powered line converters. 250A alternator 2 batteries and a mountain of 1/0 wire This has proven to be quite the challenge. So far my best is 147.7. The box i just built was designed by Mark at Car Audio Fab. The original port was designed for 50HZ and it did better than my last box. I increased the port length/volume by 5" /.25cf. And reduced my internal CF by .25 for an even 3CF My old box got its best spl at 47HZ. After i extended i picked up another .5DB at 47HZ. I decided to extend the port on the outside of the box 5"/.25 CF and the DB dropped a bit but still did its best at 47 HZ. Is 47 HZ always going to be my magic number? Am i on the right track by lowering the CF and extending the port length?
  11. I apologize. Thank you for posing that video. That video is what made me get the 2500 in the first place. Its an impressive unit. Im looking to change up to the 5k but i cant find any real world numbers of it at 2 or 4 ohms. Mods please feel free to delete this post. I apologize for putting it in the wrong place.
  12. Greetings all. I have a M4 Elite 1.4ohm in my Fiesta. 250A alternator 2 batteries. Im getting around 2350 watts out of it currently and naturally i want more. I am considering the DC 5k but all the test videos iv seen on the tube only show it at a 1 ohm load. Nice to know but a useless number seeing as how ones ohm rise will change that drastically. Does anyone know how these two amps compare when its gets down to the real meat? There is a pretty big price difference between them and i dont want to waste money only to find out the cheaper amp produced more.
  13. I have not tested the ohm rise on a single coil if it is on the high side of 2 ohms I would be looking at a net loss of power
  14. I see. How difficult is that to dial in?
  15. I am just wondering if I'm actually going to gain output this way
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