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  1. if you can afford a bughatti, who cares about the rim costs. The ultra rich have like 100 more exotics to play with while their $3million car gets fixed. To us, $20,000 is a ton of money, to ultra rich, they spend $20,000 a day just to play around. I know a billionaire. His insurance company tried to call to cancel his insurance because he missed a payment. The next day he bought the insurance company and fired the guy that called him. Thats what i call 'f/u money' and thats how stupid rich these guys are.
  2. Here's a really cool trick, if you own the SMD IMSG, SMD CC-1, and smd DD-1/DD-1+ these 3 can be combined together to get more precise on the frequency tuning. 1. connect rca from IMSG to amp input 2. connect speaker wires to the cc-1 and turn on amp, and imsg and cc-1 3. turn frequency you want on the imsg, then turn gain on amp to get clean signal on the cc-1 4. press read on the cc-1 and then turn the crossover to calibrate. after this switch the amp to full range and do your DD-1/DD-1+ tests and tuning, then switch back to high pass or low pass (where ever you set the amp for) and your dialed in perfectly. this works perfectly, and you can tune amps without having hooked up in the vehicle ahead of time. Just thought I'd share this experience hope this helps someone out there. Of course dd-1 needs to be done in the vehicle, but the other stuff can be done ahead of time
  3. figures, i just searched all over the internet, and found one on ebay which i did win. But my luck those would be re released after all the searching Ive done lol. Do you know if its going to be the same CC-1 or will it be an upgraded/different model??
  4. if i were you, not sure how long you've had that charger, but it sounds to me to be the charger on its way out and i would replace it, just to be safe. if its somewhat new, I'd see if there's an exchange you can do with it. just my $0.02
  5. looks like a crazy project. If you need turbo help. A great company to call (they are out here in wi) but they do a lot of high end car engine builds and mods. would be a great place to contact for help. Im guessing you have all the help you need. But iv see you're like I am, get ALL the ducks in a row correctly before making right decisions. Good luck cant wait to see the videos on it.
  6. The guy that has that 'friend' that has the best of the best. ex.... (my friends neon runs 9's in 1/4 mile). Or (my friends stereo is so loud it set off every car alarm in town from his house). Yet this person has......... a 84 station wagon, powering a 10" sub in a house speaker cabinet, amp powered by the cigarette lighter, gains all the way up, playing at full volume, and he bops his head to all the ear bleading distortion........
  7. Hello, Are the cc-1 units going to be coming back out again?? I'm really interested in getting one, however none are available online. I've used the DD-1 with great results and hoping to get this as well. If there's a different tool you offer that does the same thing let me know I'll get that instead.
  8. Hello all, I'm looking to do up a competition level stereo in a Harley. Complete with subwoofers. However, I just want to see if any of you guys have much knowledge on doing this. I have only picked up a couple amps at this point. As I'm getting ideas at the moment. I read online about the 10" diamond subwoofers and mounting kits for it in saddle bags. but I'm curious if there are other options. I really was hoping to get the RF slim power 10" sub to put in it. Any ideas if this would work?? I'd be running the power tm750xbd amp and the birth sheet states 948 watts at 1ohm. (the bag has 0.5 cu ft space so not a lot to work with). any other suggestions out there?? This will be going on a 2016 harley road king. I will be putting on an after market fairing, they make one that has 4 - 5 1/4'' cutouts and an ipad mount in it.
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