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  1. maybe, but I did leave remove the stock 6x9's in the rear deck, and thus letting all the sound go to through. perhaps if i would have thought of this before I would have built it this way. it thunders pretty damn hard set up this way as it is. but If i redo anything. I'll take your advice on doing it that way. thank you for your input. Yes the amp rack is in between the fold down seat area. would be a ton of work and a new box to redo this so the port faces the cab. as for now its sounding pretty stellar
  2. some more progress, mechman 320 amp alternator, picked up some alpine type x for mids/highs, amp rack done and in. more to follow soon. coming along niceley. I'm thinking of giving the supercap set up from xs power a chance. Not liking the extra battery idea as they are so heavy and this sub already weighs in over 82 lbs.
  3. another update, box is built, and in the car, tests out beyond what i was expecting. Gotta pull the box and all wiring out soon for the mids/highs upgrade. still have to build the amp rack, upgrade alternator, and sound deaden the living crap out of it.
  4. it is fairly centered, and it is mounted to the port in a ported box, if it were a sealed box the center brace would be more necessary but i think this set up is sufficient
  5. process on this, I have obtained all the T/S parameters off the sub woofer using the SMD-IMSG and submitted them to mark from CAF to design a box for me. I'm not into hip hop to much I'm more of a metal guy, so I'm aiming for 36-40 hz on the port tuning. Pics and follow up soon for the set up. I'm also obviously going to need to completely sound deaden the car. which we all know is the most time consuming part of this. and am unsure of the mids/highs I'm going to go with on this build. I do like RF and sticking with the brand i'd probably have to go with the t3 or better component speakers. and amps of course. for a dsp i went this the ax-dsp-most1 unit for integration to my impala. there's not a whole lot out there for integration to this vehicle with bose stock system.
  6. if you can afford a bughatti, who cares about the rim costs. The ultra rich have like 100 more exotics to play with while their $3million car gets fixed. To us, $20,000 is a ton of money, to ultra rich, they spend $20,000 a day just to play around. I know a billionaire. His insurance company tried to call to cancel his insurance because he missed a payment. The next day he bought the insurance company and fired the guy that called him. Thats what i call 'f/u money' and thats how stupid rich these guys are.
  7. it is, however this sub retails normally for $1499. It was seemingly 'to good to be true' but it got delivered while i was home, i made the ups guy wait till i opened the box and it was 100% scratch free. there was some damage to the packaging but the sub remained perfect
  8. Hello all, I thought I'd leave some reviews on the T2s1-16 ROCKFORD sub. I tried searching for others who have written about this woofer on this forum and had only found a post from like 2014. So here it goes. I will continue to post as my install progresses and gets finished. As of right this second I only have the woofer, 2500 bd cp amp, ax-dsp-most1 for integration to my 2015 impala LT (non limited). I do own the IMSG and have submitted the TS parameters obtained from that tool to mark at car audio fabrication to design a nice blueprint box for it. anyways about the sub so far. She arrived yesterday, and let me just say, you better have a strong ass back to carry this sub around. I placed it on a scale and it weighs in at 82.6 lbs. I have a p3d2-12 sitting in my basement and placed next to it for comparison, and it literally dwarfs the p3 sub by more than half. Like a ferrari looks fast..... this sub looks loud. Its actually mesmerizing to look at in real life. I know you guys out there are thinking that's way to much $ for a Rockford sub, well someone was selling them online for $750 new and i scooped one up (there maybe still some out there). Anyways I will reveiw more once i do more with it. So as a first impression, buy just looking at it. 10/10 stars for the appearance and obvious engineering that went into this subwoofer. Do any of you use this line of rockfords?? how do they sound, can they take the power u give them? do they sound great or are they just there to be loud as hell.
  9. I'd just spend the $25-$30 to get it, thats not really that expensive, and by the time you get your other ways around it. the time and effort would far surpass the $ they are asking for one. IMO just get the one they require and you're golden.
  10. Hello to all again. So It has been brought to my attention there is now an amplifier DSP bypass kit for my car. I'm looking into getting one, but if you have a GM vehicle with bose and are having issues finding correct bypass, or head unit kits. Metra has released some new items. For me specifically i found this AX-DSP-MOST1, which bypasses the factory amp entirely, gives the rca's I need, and retains factory chimes and sounds. It has a built in DSP for time alignment and a 31 band EQ. Im really excited to get this in, I just wanted to post here that these are now available!! Once I have one and in, ill put up some photos and give a review
  11. Have not tried this specifically no, I guess I’m reminded from my old days from. Friend who ran a 4 awg wire thu his door jam and the car caught fire after a month
  12. I was only suggesting until you can afford a different amp set up, this option is a free one.
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