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  1. http://www.beatsonicusa.com/partfinder/product/list/?Make=Toyota&Model=Tundra&Year=2018 Here is a link to all their offerings. Not the cheapest things in hind sight, but they seem to have the market locked down. None of the big guys have anything to offer.
  2. Think I found a cure to my issue. A company called Beat-Sonic has a nav bypass and acv39 a/v input. I can now install that, plug the player or whatever into a high quality extrnal dac directly into the analog input. They also have a smart phone mirroring device that works through hdmi conversion.
  3. I'll have to mess around with it a little more than. Looks like I might have to invest in a bigger SD card if it works out ok. Do you know if one can plug an external SSD storage into aandroid tabet or phone's usb for more storage? Versus using an SD card. The sim comes out on the same tray as the SD in the S9.
  4. Thanks for the input guys. I will keep poking around and see what I can come up with. The thing that pisses me off with Bluetooth streaming is the notification sounds still come through. I use Neutron as a player on my S9+. Haven't messed with it too much. Mainly used it in the Corvette on my 80prs.
  5. So it has been established that I will be using my factory non-JBL head unit in my 2018 Tundra. I will be using JL Audio's TwK and FiX products to accomplish this. Next on my hit list is how to elegantly an effectively implement Flac playback. I am not an Apple fan boy and do not want go there. I was thinking a Hi-rez mobile player with the addition of a quality DAC unit like a Chord Mojo to go analog into the factory unit somehow. Possibly into the factory aux input if it will accept analog. I'm not a fan of streaming via Bluetooth either. Have any of you SQ guys done something like this at all?
  6. I'm in the same boat..... I have a box the size of your new one I have outgrown. I have a bad habbit of buying my own tool instead of borrowing. Even if I only use it once. I also have a Smaller box for my electronics tools, o-scope, bench dmm, ESR meter, powerr supply etc. As my wife says I have too much useful junk. Lol! Good buy on the box! Enjoy it.
  7. Always loved the classic limited PG amps with clear covers. I'll keep an eye out if you do any for DC's. Might have to integrate them into my Corvette build. They would be a waste in my truck build.
  8. You mess around with that TWK88 much Steve? I am thinking of doing the FiX-86 and TwK-88 combo in my truck. Checked out NAV-TV for an integration processor but it didn't look like they supported much in the way of Toyota. I am interested in your thoughts on the JL stuff.
  9. Thanks for that guys. I will look into the DSR1. A company called Tacotunes offers a universal harness for connecting a DSP or amps with high level inputs. Should work nicely in this application. I do believe 2018 is the same. Entune 3.0 is not available in the trucks yet and might not be until they redesign in 2020/2021. Working at a Toyota dealer provides me with lots of good Intel............ Sometimes, lol!
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. My truck is a TRD sport. So it does not have the JBL premium audio, man that system sounds like crap. My old Tundra was a limited with JBL and I swapped that out real quick. PAC is nice and simple for sure. I am looking for a processor/dsp type unit like offered by Audison, JL, Audiocontrol and Fosgate. Price is not a huge issue as long as the unit works and setup software is intuitive.
  11. I just traded my old Tundra in for a new one. My old build included a double din headunit, but with the new one I want to retain the factory Nav and display audio. Are JL and RF the only processors I should concider or are there other options worth looking at? I will need minimum 5 - 6 channels of output and want to retain full factory functionality, including the fader and balance control. I will be using my existing Focal components in the front, Focal coaxials in the rear and my dual 10" ported box. I might switch up my amplifiers as my 20 year old PPI power class amps are getting long in the tooth. I just put a pair of DC Amps in my Corvette and love those things. Opinions and suggestions are welcomed. -James
  12. Very nice! Should be way easier to do consistent Dyno's now without having to wait for a charger. Can't wait to see what that laser can do. I'm sure you have big plans for it.
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