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  1. Speakers can take double and even triple rated power cleanly. Only one way to know is to hook it up and rock on. I had a pair of focals rated @60w and gave them 225w without an issue, and had no issues till around max power when you could tell the speaker was at max limit.
  2. When you go to a movie in apple tv you will see the dolby sign with dolby atmos on it along the top row (Genre) EDIT: My whole reason to get the apple tv was to eliminate the dvd collection and have everything stored somewhere else. lol
  3. I have apple 4k tv and buy and rent a lot of movies on itunes and the rentals start at $ .99 and up, they also have low cost 4k movies for sale that change from time to time. They usually change on wednesdays for rentals with a different movie as a weekly special. EDIT: They also have an atmos section of movies to choose from.
  4. That looks totally badass and i bet sounds just as badasss. Which onkyo? I currently have the RZ810 and a coworker has the RZ610, and we both love the receiver. Tons of clean power, but i listen to a lot of music so i primarily use the Luxman R-117 for that duty. I also have a set of klipsch RF82's i use and will one day get the klipsch atmos setup.
  5. Check your source music your using in windows media player with scope turned on to see it as it is playing to see if it is in fact clipping. Soft clipping is not the same as hard clipping and a light cannot tell which one it is, this is where you need to learn what the sub is doing and if there are any unwanted smells coming from the sub.
  6. Believe it or not, a lot of music is soft clipped which will give a false positive of being hard clipped, and there is no way of knowing unless you see it on a scope.
  7. Are you going off the clipping light on your remote knob? Removing the knob will solve your clipping issue. lol Keep upping the volume until you begin to smell something, that is a sure fire way of knowing 1) it is clipping 2) new subs are breaking in, and smoke means your shit is about to die a horrible death.
  8. Rewire the sub for 2 ohm and try that out and see if anything changes. You have gone back through your wiring and connections, so it is worth a shot to see if something changes, cause if you can't go full tilt @.5 then 2 ohms should be louder and cleaner.
  9. My 60" seemed rather large sitting on the stand, but once i mounted it on the wall it seemed to shrink a shit ton, my next one will be an +80". 4K movie just look amazing with the larger sizes as you see more detail on them.
  10. Replacement alts cost as much as a battery so it really doesn't matter if you run a single or multiple batteries, but your car will be better off with the extra capacity, especially in colder climates where your running the defroster, heater, stereo and wipers all at the same time.
  11. Depends on what is leaking, if it is the drain tubes then see if you can blow them out with compressed air. If it is leaking around the glass then your seal is bad and in need of replacing, and you can use some duct tape for a temp fix until you get a new seal.
  12. Cutting the factory harnesses, bad juju. My buddy drilled through the firewall and mangled half of the wire harness just before we were to leave for an up north trip.
  13. I would spend that budget getting your front stage and electrical done to prep you for the sub stage you plan to run. The last thing you want to do is buy stuff you cannot use right away, and then it sits around doing nothing and losing your valuable warranty just sitting there.