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  1. No Fresh installs can take a bit to break-in and get louder, just beat the hell out of them and you'll get there.
  2. Skulls I have a 1992 Buick Roadmaster and a 96 Lincoln. I would like to install 24 in wheels on the Buick and 26 wheels on the Lincoln what modifications would I have to do to complete this install?

  3. Owned a few cars with them on there, and always went to the parts store and got a 4 way wrench, and when they swelled i would cut the shell off and throw the casings away.
  4. Adding the engine to chassis is good in that it will add to the paths back to the battery/alternator, i usually do a big 4 in this way. I will go alt+ to B+, alt case to neg battery terminal, chassis to battery negative, and finally alt case to chassis on the same ground point. EDIT: As cars age the ground straps can corrode and break off, so it is a good idea to do that extra run.
  5. When you use use bolts or screws in wood, you want to use some super thin CA glue in the hole and as mush as the wood will take. Give it a minute or two to dry and use a drill or impact to run the screw or bolt in and out a few times with some gloves on as it will heat really quick and really hot, now what you have done is to make the wood as strong as metal with threads that act like they are nuts. EDIT: You do want to run the screw or bolt in the hole first to cut some threads.
  6. Get a nice set of passive components to start with, and over time get a dsp and amps to power them with and try active.
  7. Exact size or nothing. You do not want to risk your life to something that may not fit exactly, you want something that will fit exactly.
  8. Depends on the ohm load your are running, 4 ohm will get warm to hot, and start going lower and you will certainly get to really hot.
  9. Class A/B amps run hot. As long as it doesn't shut down it is normal, you can make a box to hold it with an opening on both ends and put a fan on one side to pull air through to cool it.
  10. https://www.hertzaudiovideo.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/hertz_HX_adv_manual.pdf
  11. Skullz

    Mosconi Amp - BS?

    Is the box ported or sealed? Can you post pics of the box? EDIT: Do you have another amp to try in place of the one in the car now? It helps to have known working equipment when trying eliminate possible problem areas.
  12. How exactly are they wired? Each sub wired in series and then in parallel? Or Each sub in parallel and wired in series? I always wire each sub in series and then parallel, so each sub sees power at the same time.
  13. Set the amp as you should and adjust the sub output on the H/U lower.
  14. http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/pl_ca_prem_adv/features/Loctite-PL-Premium-FAST-GRAB-Polyurethane-Construction-Adhesive.htm
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