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  1. When the PSU takes a shit just as i was about to start a gaming session and 5 hours away from the PC shop opening.
  2. Skullz

    Bracing More Important than Thickness?

    Depends on how you want the box to sound. I personally prefer to dampen the box with a layer of dacron batting inside on all the walls, this will give a deeper and richer sound to the sub sound. The reason you want to either brace or dampen a box are the same though, they will prevent the box from ringing. Ringing is where the box makes more noise than the sub and adds an off sound to it that is disturbing to say the least.
  3. There is also a possibility your amp has a broken ground inside of it. When trying to trouble shoot things it is best to have a complete known working system on hand to rule everything else out.
  4. Skullz

    Help deciding on a sub O_o

    I have seen this happen way too often, a buddy has a 1k system and the person decided to upgrade to something way more powerful, only to find they have lost power to the friends system and cannot understand why. Going from a system that has had a chance to break in will always be louder than a moderate upgrade in power, all subs need to break in to get get their loudest. Subs with an incredible amount of spiders and stiffer surrounds take a very long time to break-in if ever, and that is the point when you run extreme amounts of power to them to keep them from destroying themselves. People often overlook this very thing when making changes to the system they have or are beginning their entry into audio.
  5. Skullz

    Are most of us actually under powering our sub's?

    I never run at rated power on front stages, ever. No less than double and preferably more. Speakers can take way more than rated and do. This is why you buy known named quality brands, the more power the better the results.
  6. The connection might have either become loose enough to cause resistance to rise to the point of melting or you got some corrosion on it causing the same result. Get a fuse holder that uses lugs on the end of the wire and that usually stops that from happening again. People tend to forget that an engine rocks around from forward to reverse, and causes the wire to move around and loosening the wire.
  7. Such an overly dramatic exit, Peace out. lol
  8. No, he means 2 sets up front and 2 sets in back.
  9. Skullz

    Pollyfill? Whats your take?

    In that situation you want to use poly batting to line the walls, polyfill is used to fill an enclosure to trick a sub into acting as if it were in a larger enclosure.
  10. I thought the movie "The NUN" was scary.
  11. Skullz

    Why 2+ ports??

    I will typically use two ports on a box, i use the ports as a divider so to speak, it tricks the subs to acting as if they are in separate enclosures but actually share a common chamber.