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  1. I think that is Dire Straits best album. eva
  2. As cheap as Capacity is anymore on flash drives why bother removing the art? I honestly like the art on flash drives for the car stereo visual it adds. Try dealing with Plex and the way it sorts shit out and you'll fucking hate life.
  3. Get the cheaper $99 kits and buy a 5ah or 6ah battery to unlock the tools full potential, along with longer run times and more power to do jobs with.
  4. I also use dewalt 20v tools, but i prefer to use milwaukee bits and drills as they hold up very well.
  5. Bypass the cockbox and see if anything changes. Trouble shooting is a process of elimination, remove as much as possible to start and keep adding until you find the issue.
  6. Skullz

    Axxera AVN6446BT HU Opinions

    Deal killer is that it doesn't support FLAC files. Still though for the price it has quite a bit going for it.
  7. Get 2 sets. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_210MAXIM62/Morel-Maximo-6.html?tp=106&avf=N
  8. Aluminum, steel, or stainless steel rivnuts? I would personally use stainless steel rivnuts exposed to places where water will be present. You might not be compressing the nut enough to get a good seal to the metal.
  9. Might as well add another battery or three out back or more and use that as a distribution point. With that much power you will certainly need more alt power and capacity to maintain voltage.
  10. I googled pico fuse, and i guess his H/U has a poly fuse, but it sounds like it would power up despite it tripping.
  11. it's called a pico fuse.
  12. What i mean is to make your connections at a bench to test for power and function of the unit to ensure it is operating properly, the only thing extra you need are the plugs to connect it with.
  13. Try bench testing it to see if it powers up that way, and go from there.