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  1. http://www.loctiteproducts.com/p/pl_ca_prem_adv/features/Loctite-PL-Premium-FAST-GRAB-Polyurethane-Construction-Adhesive.htm
  2. http://www.reyaudio.com/large-e.html These are 2 ways used in studios to make the music we listen to, if you think a 5 way, 7 way or something more complex is better, then be my guest and learn the hard way. EDIT: I would run a set of 5 1/4" comps with some midbass drivers and leave it at that.
  3. The K.I.S.S. rule applies more than ever in complex audio systems, and there are reasons car manufacturers use oval speakers in a system to cover as broad a range as possible. I once thought about multiple drivers in a setup as your wanting to try, but quickly ran into issues with crossover points where you could have holes and peaks and driver issues themselves. A single driver is the xanadu people have sought to achieve for decades without success.
  4. Costs less to do it right the first time, just saying. EDIT:https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2380057.m570.l1313.TR11.TRC2.A0.H0.Xplate+amplifier.TRS0&_nkw=plate+amplifier&_sacat=0
  5. They sound amazing compared to my 15 year old cans i have.
  6. Just save your money now if you plan on jumping to lithium.
  7. https://www.sonicelectronix.com/afg/chevrolet/tahoe/2005
  8. Yup, pretty much. EDIT: Check and see if the fuse still pops with the sub disconnected, this will tell you for certain the amp has an issue.
  9. Either the internal amp or external amp has had something break loose causing the problem, you can try another amp or H/U to see if anything changes. There are not many things that can cause it to start to crackle, unless something inside has broken loose.
  10. Not what i meant by that. What i meant was the fuse block melting showed me the short comings of the pvc jacket being soft enough to allow it to compress enough to allow a short to happen. Just poorly worded.
  11. Truth is, most are buying a company brand vs. a CCA or OFC cable. I myself buy welding cable for very specific reasons not related to car audio itself, i went and got the car audio cable with pvc jacket covering it and almost caught my car on fire from a melted fuse block where the jacket almost pressed through on a corner. From that point on i would never touch another pvc jacketed wire again as it can press through the jacket over time on a rounded or square corner, i will use something with a much sturdier jacket that can take some abuse.
  12. Take it back again and this time ask for a different model as this one has many issues.
  13. These are just a few, and they have so many others.
  14. Speakers can take double and even triple rated power cleanly. Only one way to know is to hook it up and rock on. I had a pair of focals rated @60w and gave them 225w without an issue, and had no issues till around max power when you could tell the speaker was at max limit.
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