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  1. No, he means 2 sets up front and 2 sets in back.
  2. Skullz

    Pollyfill? Whats your take?

    In that situation you want to use poly batting to line the walls, polyfill is used to fill an enclosure to trick a sub into acting as if it were in a larger enclosure.
  3. I thought the movie "The NUN" was scary.
  4. Skullz

    Why 2+ ports??

    I will typically use two ports on a box, i use the ports as a divider so to speak, it tricks the subs to acting as if they are in separate enclosures but actually share a common chamber.
  5. I would check all connections again and make sure that they are tight. I would do a test first though, do a hard jam session and when the power seems to drop check all power connections for excessive heat, i'm kind of leaning on a weak connection and the system is draining your bats and after a few they recover again. Most likely either up front on the F/R run or at the back battery, but one of them or both might cause your problem, but a simple test by touching the connection will tell you if there is excessive heat. Caution: Hold your hand just above the connection for a second or two to make sure it isn't so hot you get a burn.
  6. Skullz

    Psi problems

    Playing clipped sources of music will kill a sub quickly. Always check your music on windows media player with scope to see if it is clipped. Soft clipped music is ok at lower volumes, but hard clips will kill a sub even at lower volumes.
  7. Hell yeah, i have that receiver also and love it. Just need to test an old school "Luxman R-117" now. The Luxman happens to be my receiver of choice for music.
  8. Might just be cheaper to replace it than fix it.
  9. Are you sure it is delaminating? Maybe it is a protective cover? I haven't heard of a screen doing that before. Is the H/U still under warranty?
  10. I just use a damp microfiber towel and wipe it off with and a dry microfiber towel to keep the dust off.
  11. Either your crimper is not large enough to compress it completely and/or the hole is to large for the rivnut you are using. Either way, i would get a piece or two of sheet metal and plenty of rivnuts and practice on the scrap metal to see how well the nut gets secured, it will take a certain amount of pressure to get the nut secure enough to not spin. Once it is secured, using it will only cause it to dig more into the metal preventing it from loosening.