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  1. No audio updates but do have headlight updates. Hard to work on these between breaks at work lately. 8* hyper spots as extra high beams “show only” Before and after Alot of work just to test shit before sealing the headlight back up Yes both sides are on waiting on more parts to come in still. Hoping to have them installed by next friday
  2. This will be my third vehicle with ds18. I love the exl sq line of amps. As they do more then rated on the dyno and sound great. The shop truck is about to get 2 ds18 alts and 3 ds18 pro 8.5ks
  3. Well headlight upgrade time. To make the car safer. Bought new 150$ headlights to retrofit. This is current progress ive made so far More work to come including paint
  4. The new 4 channel has appeared. Sadly my 1000.1 didnt show so maybe next week
  5. So i finally got the car fixed. Here was the issue on the 11 hr old alt. I believe 26.88v is a little high Ordered a 3/8 and 1/2 drive impacts to make the work go faster. To put alt in and swap both axles took 1.5hrs. Yeah it was time for new axles. Next will be ball joints thats my update
  6. Thanks. Bright side......i got two Milwaukee impacts coming today. And my new non messed up axles came in yesterday so itll be fixed today hopefully
  7. So i pulled the old alt out last week. Only pic i got but what i had to pull to get the alt out. put new alt in, worked great. Parked it and went back to work. 11hrs later when i got off work i got in the car and battery light on and volt meter wont turn on. So i shut car off and turn it back on and low and behold.....voltage regulator went out on new alt. Voltage just climbs to 20v+. So back to square one and will be pulling alt again after tools show up in the mail as ill be replacing both axles as well
  8. Its best to go at the sub. After amp. I found this diagram in a charger forum for the beats system. Hopefully it matches Sub 1 +: Gray / BrownSub 1 - : Dark Green / BrownSub 2 +: Gray / WhiteSub 2 - : Dark Green / White
  9. 1000 at most is its output
  10. Theres a chance one of your speaker wires going to the loc is backwards. Also being a beats setup there should be a sub in the trunk. But first try disconnecting one rca going to the amp if it sounds the same or better then you have a speaker wire backwards going to the loc. Also double check wiring inside the box to be sure its wired properly. Also pics would help
  11. Factory alt decided it didnt wan to work anymore. After 250k and 27years its lived its life. Getting an oem this week and will be waiting for a trade in program to trade in my old vehicles js250a for a new alt for the integra. Since i only want a 150-180a
  12. Steadily working and taking on more jobs at work and staying later. Also sold my subs from my truck. Shitty audiobahn dubs that i got for free. Im half way to ordering my 2 amps and my last sub. Ill order all at once when we order shit for a customer.....that way they pay for the shipping
  13. It depends on what fits where. And that your front battery is big enough to start the car
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