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  1. Explain the difference, because I am of the understanding that, that is what a passive crossover is. Even a separate crossover (for components) would be the same as the internal crossovers that are used in coaxials. The only other crossover option would be an active crossover which would be to actively alter the filtering of the sound BEFORE the amp. I'm still learning, explain it to me if you have the time.
  2. the coaxials have built-in passive crossovers tho.
  3. Sundown says the ZV5 has an RMS power rating of only 2000 watts. Could it really handle a SKV2 4500 which actually pushes 5000 watts RMS? If so would it just last a few months as opposed to the DNR which is rated for 5000 RMS and can theoretically las indefinitely with good electrical and no clipping?
  4. I already bought an skv2 4500 a few months ago for my next build. I also bought a zvxv2 15, I was gonna run two zvxv2 on that skv2 4500. But I decided to get rid of the zvxv2 and go big and buy two DNR's and another skv2 4500. I already have all the electrical setup if I just want to run one DNR and the skv2 4500 that I already have except I would have to buy a battery which I was already planning anyways. How loud would a single DNR be on a skv2 4500 and excellent electrical?
  5. Yeah I am planning on components on my next upgrade which is coming up in a few months. I'm going with 2 Skar DNR's (5000 watt rms each) and two sundown 5000 watt amps. Im gonna just keep the Skar RP1000.4 and drop it down to 2 ohms and run double speakers on each channel. Its a dodge magnum and I keep the back seat. I'm gonna take your advice and do double 6.5 components in the front doors. But I have a spot for 6x9' in the hatch area. Right about head level of the back seat on the right and left. You suggest I should just run two powerful midrange 6.5 drivers there in the back in place of th
  6. The problem with 3-ways as opposed to 2-ways is that with a three way you have 2 tweeters blocking sound from the woofer cone. However if you compare a 6.5" two way to a 6x9" three way then that extra woofer cone space on the 6x9 negates that extra tweeter blocking sound. Then you have an extra tweeter, so the three way 6x9 wins. If you were to compare a three-way 6.5" to a two-way 6.5 yes the two-way would be better because of the loss of sound being blocked from the extra tweeter on the three-way. But yes when comparing apples to apples you are correct.
  7. Thats your opinion. I have a 250 amp aftermarket alternator, running a 4/0 and a 1/0 (factory) to the back system, a RP 2000.1D, on two EVL 15's tuned at 32hz a RP1000.4AB at 4 ohms on 4 of the Kicker 3 way 6X9's I mentioned, all new ofc aftermarket 10 gauge going to the doors, everything KnuKoncept ofc and over sized. I ran a temp guage from the sub amp to the custom molded dash along with a volt meter and a fan knob. Custom fitted and installed an 8 amp 6" radiator fan and custom made an amp rack. I'm far from a noob. There is nothing wrong with 3 ways. If he wants to cut or add something to
  8. Dude get these.. https://www.hifisoundconnection.com/Kicker-43CSC6934-Car-Audio-6x9-Triaxial-CS-Series-Speakers-4-Ohm-Speaker-Pair-KIC17-43CSC6934-RS?utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=GoogleBaseFeed&gclid=CjwKCAjwkPX0BRBKEiwA7THxiAVdise6vnDFtW4A8iBEDJmymZ5hqKXPmMd4AoaRp0Q6JsUVGyMYoRoCSB4QAvD_BwE
  9. Dude Skar is really good for the money so far for the products i have bought from them.. i haven't ran any tweets or speakers,, only subs and amps so i can't speak from experience on those directly. However i do have two of their amps and two subs and I have had them for almost two years. They all do overrated and believe me I run them hard on very good electrical and I haven't had any issues with their products. One thing I will say tho is as 1.21 gigawatts pointed out, dont push the mids and tweets over rated. The Skar amp I have does over rated power so that is why my Kicker 6X
  10. Im running a Skar RP 1000.4AB at 4 ohms so 150 rms each speaker. I'm using Kicker 6X9's, 43CSC6934 CSC693. These are really loud and can almost handle the amp at max. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do myself when I upgrade soon. I'm going to use your idea and run a set of these per channel. These are amazing coaxial speakers. They are 150 watts rms each.
  11. Thanks dude, I looked all over for that diagram lol
  12. I'm looking to buy two subs. They only come with either 2 ohm DVC or 1 ohm DVC configuration. My amp is a 1 ohm mono amp. How do I wire two of these subs to this amp with a 1 ohm final Impedance?
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