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  1. I guess you didn't read the whole post either. You know, where i cut that 12000 number in half.
  2. ( the short) I plan on running a 13,000 watt RMS system. Will 2 Iraggi 320 amp alts and 4 XS power 3400's work for this system? (The Long) I have a 3000 watt RMS system in place currently but I'm planning an upgrade. The car's factory electrical and charging system will remain separate from the audio electrical and charging system. I plan on running Skar Audio, (two) SKv2 4500.1D and (one) RP1000.4AB. these amps do more than rated and the D's run at about %80+ efficiency and of course the AB will run at about %60. So we are looking at about 12,200 watts total draw conservatively when accounting for inefficiency . divide that by 13.8 volts and we get an 884 amp draw on the charging system. However, our good buddy Mark at CAF (Car Audio Fabrication) says we should divide that 884 number by 2 for a more realistic real world amp draw as we don't listen to constant pink noise, we listen to music. Therefore 442 should be the number I am looking for to cover with my alts. Following me? Crutchfield has a different formula that says I need even less amps from my alts but I can't find it at the moment. So, the question is, will two Iraggi 320 amp alternators be enough for my system?
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