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  1. 156A2400-120D-4CEB-A665-4048518B137F.thumb.jpeg.6f9750801e5726834cfddbd68b94b1e1.jpegGot bored and if you like me, check out what I have for now. Still got a few more weeks til I get my box for 2 nightshade 15s and gonna run a crescendo bc 8k 😐. It’ll be my first amp having 4 power and 4 grounds coming off amp. Any advice on my setup now, or mistakes or eras I made with this build would be super gnarly. Got a mdf sheet with black carpet (it’s on top of enclosure) that goes over everything so that I can slide subs/box on top, and fold rear seats up. Not much room in these Grand Cherokees. Got main battery unhooked and procrastinating since I’m posting this. Wondering now wth was in that vape oil by bro had, lol. Ok Thanks ✌🏻👍🏻🤙🏻


  2. Should’ve gotten some good ol SMD @ wccaraidio.com. I won’t hesitate cause I know the shit right and updated until the goods get in my hands. Lol as long as you learned something from your unfortunate mishap. We all been there where you is. Always go through a reliable source. Especially if you on a time limit
  3. Just read all your problem, gotta get rid of your factory stuff my dude. It’ll save you so much headache
  4. If you have a factory amplifier, and your having static sound or pain in the ass sound coming from the amplifier and your using front or rear outputs on your head unit, that was my problem. I had zero noise coming from my sub outputs but when I tried to use a four channel or two channel amplifier for my door and dash speakers using the front or rear outputs, I had tons of noise. Couldn’t ever figure it out. One day I decided to start fresh and bypassed my factory amp and hadn’t had problem at all sense. I know your pain and that noise can make someone lose hope. Hope this helped cause I couldn’t find anything online for similar problemo. Good luck my dude. Btw, I have a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee so hope this helps you man. Get rid of factory amp and you should be Bammin away my guy!! Good luck. Was a pain in the ass too cause the factory amp in rear trunk but man it solved my buzzing sound coming from the front and rear rca outputs. Sub rca’s had zero noise but for whatever reason, my front and rear outputs on deck would always cause a pull your hair out sound. Just thought of this lol, maybe just unhook factory amps power and run wires instead of getting a factory amp bypass harness hmmmm. Anyways hope this helped max
  5. Grounding distribution bar? I’ve always had separate grounds for amps batteries etc, but a distribution bar would make life more easy and do exact same groundage?? No issues so far 💪🏻

  6. Word homie, appreciate the knowledge my dude. I had everything right but just wanted to double check. Anything to get that extra power
  7. One more thing just to quadruple check, I’d use the last battery in the parallel series for amps and not second or first right? Just trying to gain knowledge. I never have system on while truck off so I don’t have isolator. Man I have a billion questions no lie
  8. Word, I got all three grounded to frame. Amps grounded to frame to and not batts. My XX battery charger is trash btw, noticed this yesterday afternoon and so I put different charger on there and what a difference.
  9. Extra batteries in trunk area, how would you ground them? If they’re all linked, would you just ground the one battery that has the positives coming from under hood, or have a ground for each individual battery? Hmmmm........Man a bus bar that would line upright would solve the problem but this ain’t the scenario 

  10. Had to ask this because I can’t find anything on google, probably not searching right, so I have 3 batteries in trunk by subs/amps and does each battery needs its own ground correct? Or since their in parallel, could I just ground the battery that has my main power wires coming from the engine, and use that battery to ground the other two?. I have all 3 grounded to there own ground now and wanted to triple check. Any help or input would be super gnarly thanks
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