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  1. Not sure I understand fully but I’ll answer to my best knowledge of what you mean. You need to have a pair of rca Y cables coming straight from your eq front output should split signal cheaper than buying a distribution block. So1 rca to sub, 2 rca splitters from front to 2 jx 400s and rear rca’s to symphony if in 2channel mode. If your symphony is in 4 channel mode you’ll have to split the rear channels with 2 more splitters to have 4 channels. I hope this helps
  2. So I’m on the fence between VXF and ZVX can you give me more input? I’m going for 2 15s with wide bandwidth(want to get low but still sound good all around) but loud as hell. I’ve been told it’s not worth the extra cash for ZVX but I feel those are what I’m wanting
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