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Found 62 results

  1. I have a Sony WX 900bt and I'm using a little cheap O scope to find max volume. I have everything set to 0 except for bass boost its set to +10 and it clips at volume 48 out of 50. Ok great but I put bass boost on to lvl 2 (the max "loudness") and I don't see clipping even at full volume. Is that correct? or am I doing something wrong? Does loudness change the frequency of the boost perhaps to make it not clip? using a -10db 40 hz, also used a 0db 40 hz with similar results. Any suggestions or recommendations? I see posts saying to use - 10 db track others -5 or even 0 so not sure what to go with. I know I'll test and find the sweet spot but where should begin. I listen to a lot of bass heavy music some rebassed too. Well, a bit of everything from spanish, death metal, pop etc.. Thanks !!
  2. Right or wrong until this point i have always tuned amps by ear and have have really good luck getting things to sound good. After tons of research and watching various videos on YouTube, i know that I can get more out of my systems. Question 1. When setting amps with the dd1 and other special tools, I see how to tune the amp to the max for the gain. I don't know how that would set that for a particular speaker. For example a 6.5 vs a 8in mid range. Obviously they are going to have different capabilities. Also the difference between various types of speaker frequency. 2. When using a crossover, i know you tune frome the source down the line. How do you know where to put all the crossovers before the amp? 3. When using a crossover before a amp, do you just set the amp as flat with no filters? 4. How do you tune the amp to run certain frequencies as recommended by the the speaker and how the max rms power it can handle?
  3. Hi, I figured I would come here to see if I can get some help. I have a 496 BBC Gen V in my 1969 Camaro. I currently have a mechman 7127240 alt in it and have had nothing but problems with it. It is a single wire alternator. For some reason I've gone through 2 of these mechman alts, the first one did not charge my battery at all so it was DOA. Now the second one just randomly stops charging and the only way to get it to work again is if I disconnect everything from my battery for about 5 min then it will work again for a couple of days. I'm trying to ask mechman for help but they haven't gotten back to me. A couple people have told me that I may be hooking it up wrong but how can I be hooking up a single wire alt wrong... Also, my old 60 amp alt still works perfectly have only had problems with this mechman, wish I got a US alternator or something.
  4. I have a 2006 GMC Canyon 2.8l and from everything I’ve searched online I can’t find a alternator that’s high out put. I want to install a 3000watt mono block and a 4-500watt 4channel but know ima need more then the stock 100amp alt. Please someone help me find a alt that’ll work for my plans. It’s been years since my last setup and want to do it bigger this time but also the right way.
  5. Hey there, New to the site and somewhat new to audio as well. I recently installed a 10" Kenwood slim sub in a sealed box into my crew cab F350 as well as a matching Kenwood 300rms amp. (Has been 3 weeks now so sub should be broken in) The sub sounds great at high volume but really is almost not present at mid-low volume. For comparison the factory sub in my dad's premium ford system sounds far better. the EQ is all at the base settings apart from the subwoofer volume which from my understanding should be set to full when setting the gain on the sub amp. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should tweak to improve this mid-low performance or is this simply how a single 10" should sound in a crew cab truck. If anyone has any input please let me know. Side note - Sub is mounted tightly behind the rear seat but not touching. Recommended air space is 0.6 cu.ft. Was only able to make the box 0.48 cu.ft but I also stuffed it with the proper amount of poly fill to account for this.
  6. I recently made a order for a custom alternator and I said I have a 1.4L engine when it’s actually a 1.8L. what does the liter size mean for custom alternators...should it be an issue?
  7. I need help figuring out my port Width, Length, and Height. I'm building two subwoofer boxes for my single cab ram. They're going to be wedge shaped. The cubic ft per box is 1.25 Top Depth=6" Bottom Depth=10 Height=15 Width=26 Going for 35 Hz I'm running a Skar Audio RP-1500.1D ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED! THANKS!
  8. I just got a brand new DD M1D pushing 2 610’s redlines. My gain on the amp is set almost maxed and my friend has a M1D and his is only set about 1/4 of the way and it hits harder than mine. Am I doing something wrong? I have the correct 1 ohm from the subs. I got 14.1 voltage. I’m using a 4 gauge wire with 100a fuse. Do I need to go 0 and 150a fuse? Any input would help thanks
  9. I got a brand new M1D amp from digital design pushing 2 610’s redline. The gain is almost maxed out. And the head unit SW level is +5. Before this amp I had a Memphis VIV 1100.1 and it gain was set more than half and SW level at 0 and pushed the subs pretty good. I got 14.1 voltage to the amp. I got 1 ohm from the subs. Running 4 gauge wire with a 100a fuse l. Do I need to go 0 with 150a fuse?
  10. Hello everyone! I am currently on the lookout for software that could help me construct and tune a 6th order wall in my Subaru outback. I am willing to pay for the software, but free would be better. I need it to be in US standard for measurements (cut sheets, dimensions, all that good stuff.) Please give me a shout out if you guys have any suggestions. Thanx in advance!
  11. Can anyone tell me how much cu ft I need for 2 sundown x-12s on a sundown 4000d in a 4th order box. The sealed chamber is a single so both subs are in 1 chamber. The motor will be in the ported chamber. It will be a blow through with a 9x9 port that is 10.54” long (4.9” inside box , 4.9” outside box)
  12. I was looking into the xmaxxx 15", I have been looking but I can't find the air requirements. Does anyone know the requirements, or could recommend a box, thank you!
  13. Hi, I am new here and am currently installing a new system into my car. I just wanted to ask if it is ok to screw a amp directly into the metal chassis of the car (I know that there is not a gas tank behind it). This is the same part that the amp is grounded to. I just wanted to ask because I got a amp that once would not come out of protection unless it was not screwed into the car. The amp I am working with is a P400x4 running at 2 ohms. Thanks! -Josh
  14. Hello everyone, I am planning on building my own single 12 SEALED box for my sub. The sub recommendations for the box volume is 1.37 cubic feet. I'm new to this stuff so can anyone just give me measurements of wood i need so i can go cut it and put it together? I'm going to use 3/4 MDF wood. Just give me the height X width of each side i need. please and thank you very much.
  15. I am currently running two JL 12W3's and am looking to upgrade to a single, better sub. I'm having a hard time deciding between the two in the title. Please help. I listen to a lot of metal and rap. So i need quality and great response time for double bass and whopping bass for 808's and rap.
  16. Alright guys I have another question that's gonna make me look like a car audio noob. My Dad likes me to explain everything I do to my system and the reason why I'm doing it. I was explaining the Big 3 and he wants to know why you run a power wire from the positive of the battery to the alternator. I couldn't even answer it. If you could tell me why please do. Thanx
  17. well im in need of help about my amp ...... i picked it up for 50 bucks and it was not working right .. the right channel was making a buzz sound but left worked but was distorted so i opened her up and everything looked new still ....i mean new no dust on fan nothing. caution sticker still on never opened. after opening there are no clamps that hold the fet's and what not down the cover did that so 2 i THINK power fet's blew not being clamped to the heat sink....... so im trying to figure out what was causing the fet's to get hot that not being clamped to the heat sink blew them.......... PICS....... any help will be nice. i'd like to fix my self fet's that blew when i opened up they where good till i powered it up open then they smoked and blew they are the top 3rd and 8th from left amp amp again side other side now GUT'S gut's caution sticker before i broke it
  18. Ok, I know there are a lot of vendors here so I figured I'd ask. A good friend of mine recently came to me with a proposition. He inherited a good bit of inventory of aftermarket JDM parts (not sure on the specifics yet as this is in the baby steps phase) from his dad who ran a small eBay-based business with a few local sales here and there. The thing is, he wants to take it big and make this his living, and has offered me the opportunity to sort of spread the word and maybe buy into the company in it's infancy. First off, I'm one year out of high school and currently at a Community College majoring in Mechanical Engineering and working at a pos fast food joint making ~$600 a month. I'm at a point in my life where I'm wondering if what I'm doing will turn around and feed me later. I do live with my parents (and our relationship is stable, so I don't expect to get kicked out any time soon) but I buy all my own food (I have a special section in the fridge just for my stuff lol) in lieu of paying rent. That's a little personal lol but what I'm trying to get across is that I'm attempting to break into self-sufficiency. I would LOVE to break into the performance scene and be a big part of an independent business but sadly I have NO (nada, zero, zilch,) experience with owning a business. Honestly, I'm not really worried about that yet. What I want to know is...how difficult is it for those who have attempted it, done it, or seen it done? What does it take to be a mega-super-ballin ass eBay seller that maybe has an independent website and is a vendor in multiple places? Also...from a business standpoint, if we're in an empty market (meaning people drive a few hours away to get real performance parts) would it just be more profitable to have a brick and mortar shop that sells parts? I mean...being in the Car Audio community you see it all the time, some guy has a few bucks and calls up an OEM company or somebody starts up a little service that blows up like Toolmaker. I'm not asking for a "road map" per se, but I'm trying to judge how feasible this is. One thing I DO know is that money makes money. By that I mean...you sell enough parts on the side (which he's doing already), get a few decals printed up (which is easy), put together a demo car (94 Nissan 240SX, he already has started work on) and put your name out there and find ways to make your business grow but once again, how feasible is that? Am I in over my head here or is this a golden opportunity?
  19. Ok so i wanna install my car audio in my garage as garageaudio i have speakers,subs,amp,capacitor,headunit. What else do i need? Links would be helpful...
  20. Ok so i fix allll my wiring and stuff and i a listen to music. then everything stops in the back. i got and look and nothings making noise but everytheres on but not playing. so i take it to my audio store and nothings wrong. so i rewire and i notice when i plug in my RCA cable in the little green power light comes on but the words jenson light up as if it were on. all my fuses are fine and wires are plugged in right.. and one knoe whats wrong?... im stumpped
  21. so im getting ready to do a small budget build in my accord. nothing too crazy just a pair of the new skar audio ix 8's d2 on a jbl cs300.1 amplifier with all execution audio zero gauge plus kinetik powercell and sony 4 channel with pioneer coaxils and sony receiver. i plan on making the box around 1.8 cubes after speaker displacement. i plan on putting in an aeroport. my question is what size port should i get for my pair of 8's? i read a thread on here about ports but i just dont understand everything fully. i was thinking a 4 inch port would be enough for both but im not sure. any help is appreciated. also wondering what i should tune it at as ive never used 8's before and didnt know if tuning them in the mid 30's would sound good or not. i checked the skar website but they dont list box or tuning specs.
  22. I have 2 15" AB HD's in a 8cubft box in the back of my blazer with the slot port facing up and the subs inverted and me and my buddy DAN have been arguing, he thinks i should put the subs non-inverted and turn the box so the port is facing the hatch, he thinks i will get one or two DB's by doing this so i figured i would ask my SMD family what they think...........WELL??????
  23. Hey guys i'm currently working on designing a 4th order bandpass for my two rockford fosgate 12" p3 d4's and i'm stuck on square or aero port and if the one or other port area and length. i tried using this calculator to help me figure it out but yeah that kinda failed where i got the result for port area the size of the car it self so i really need som help with this. the box it self right now is a triple chamber with the sealed chambers at 1,17 ft3 for each sub and the vented section 2.14 ft3 net (i'm gonna invert the woofers) with a tuning of 46hz and the roll off is -3db at 27 hz close to the fz of the woofers and im going for a more sq box daily box then spl and i thought a 4th order would be good for the woofers. I'm considering using 3 or for 6" aero ports but the depth of the box isn't sufficient enough. or a square port in the middle but i dont really know what size it should be or how long. every bit of help is appreciated. cheers from another bass head from sweden! - Hampus
  24. Hello, im from Belgium so sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand me. im planning on buying 2 Sundown SA 12's and im going to run them on a Massive Audio N3 amp. and i need your help and thoughts, i know a little of how to calculate a box for the subs bud im not not that good in it. 1, i drive a Ford Fiesta mk6.5 and my car runs on 14.3/14.4V 2, Does the 12's going to be too big for my car? i want A LOT OF BASS, i love the very lows like decaf songs etc... 3, i will do the big 3 upgrade to my car bud i would love to keep the stock alt, is that possible? 4, will someone plz design a box for me for the 2 12's? i was thinking about a 30Hz tuning, subs facing up, and the port in the middle of the subs (also facing up). or would it be better to face the port to the back? my trunk dimension i can use are: 45cm height, 97cm wide, 45cm deep. I really hope you will help me out with this, i dont know that much of subs/amps/box making, i ony installed some entry lvl sub/amps an made 1 box for a kicker L7 12" so i dont have that much experiance. and if you agree to help me out with this, will you plz design a box in centimeters / millimeters with 18mm MDF? because here in belgium we only got 18 or 21 millimeter MDF. (not 19mm like 3/4inch and with torres calculator you only can use 19mm MDF) You don't know how much i would appreciate it if you would help me... Plz let me know something... grtz
  25. Is There Still A Show Going On This Weekend Even Though Its Going To Rain Because I Dont Want To Drive 5 Hours For Nothing Its My Very First 1 Im Really Looking Foward To It
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